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Due to lack of activity I have chosen to close this forum thank-you for the ride it was a blast when it was here. DreamHrt

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 My Recap from when we went South Done finally.

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PostSubject: My Recap from when we went South Done finally.   Tue Aug 21, 2007 10:48 am

Im posting this here for now but we might movie it to it's own thread for recaps

Enjoy :)

It all started July 18 when I left my House in Nebraska & headed out to Cedar rapids IA to My Friend Connie's House. She & her hubby Paul are the ones Me & Chiana/Tygrlillie spent that weekend with. I spent the night at her house then Thursday about 7:30 am we headed out for Clarksville TN.We got to Clarksville about 8:30 pm and Hooked up with Tyggy who I met for the first time in person im so glad i got to meet her shes a great gal & great friend. Her daughter Kerith is adorable.We left for B-Ham bout 10am. We didnt get there till like 5:00 I forgot why it took so long I think we took a wrong way. Anyway we get to the hotel & guess what We had NO roOMS. The idiot that took Connie's reservation booked her name under D instad of the B her last name begins with. To top that off they had us checking in the 19 & checking out the 21 & since we didn't check in the 19 they gave her rooms away & i think they charged her for 2 days since she didn't call to cancel or change the reservation. So there we r in the Lobby of a Mariott Downtown Birmingham with no rooms to get dressed for the book reading in. So what did we do Yep me Connie & tyggy grabbed our clothes for the reading & changed in the lobby's restroom. We made it in time for the reading almost had a ticket scare cause Connie for got that our VIP tickets were at the will Call window lol.the whole time we r getting the tickets Connies Hubby Paul is parking the car so by the time he came in he found out the slip Connie gave him that she thought was a ticket turned out to be a reciept he wound up buying a Gen Admin ticket. <i loev that sweet man to death> He gets inside & realizes the tickets where at the window & he got the ticket for nothign But he chalked it up to it's for a good cause <INSERT AWWWW HERE lol> The reading was great <with an exception I won't mention rolls eyes> we leave & head to Brian's Venue & me & Tyggy changed in the back of the car I cut it close I had just finished dressing when we pulled up lol.We went in long enough for me to give Bill is hat i bought him its black & in white letters it says
<Insert the pic of us here>
The instant he saw it he giggled <he'd been drinking lol I think> Said "It's true" & put it on right there. I heard that he wore it to the Marksvill LA show the next night<WE WERE SUPPOSED TO ATTEND grrrrrrrrrrrrr, Ill tell more bout that later.>Connie gave him a John Deere hat & I had 1 beer & we left for the Erin Mitchell show Good got we had a hell of a time finding that place but alas we did find it. We go in & the first thing I did was go with Tyggy to find Jeff he saw her & gave her a huge hug then she introduced em & he gave both of us a hug i kinda <Blush> pushed her out of the way so I could get my own hug. Hey she'd been telling me how he needs to patient them i wanted to see for myself & i couldn't get a good hug with her huging him too.I appologized later after i realized how rude that was & she forgave me.Needless to say I got drunk Not shit faced but I got full I had a blast listening to the music. I wanted to get a pic of all of us with the band & so when they were packing up to leave the scattered around the bar so I got up on stage & told Sam & Mitch < i think it was> to get their asses to the stage. They did & we got our pic with they guys & Erin LOL. Afterword we got to our hotel & checked in I passed out almost instantly lol. We got up sat morning I had mild case of the shakes & was a lil woozy but it wasnt nothin eating didn't cure. We left & headed to LA.

{Note most of this next Big Paragraph from Tyggy because there are details she describes better than i could. I did add my own memores to it so it's a collective effort. but most of the following is hers i just C&P}

The next morning, we headed off for Louisiana. Along the way, we somehow got majorly turned around and lost in Bayou Country and some how wound up on the dreaded Highway to Hell, road to Nowhere otherwise known as Highway 55. Each encounter with that highway has been really awful for me - it was this highway where my starter on the van fell out twice on my way back from Mardi Gras, if you'll recall. This time was no exception to the immense dislike the highway and I have for one another. We wound up headed for Jackson, Mississippi! Wrong way........In essense, we had an interesting time, however Tay-less it wound up being. We stopped off to eat at a Checkers resteraunt, where Penney joked that the cockroaches could get jobs, {This is Penney:::I SYN PEOPLE the roaches in lousiana are at least 2 inches long & bout that wide they r halv size bigger than the one here in the midwest}}and we took a ferry ride over the water in the early evening - a dollar treat for us all, because not one of us had been on a ferry before. We arrived at the hotel at 12:30 am bout 1hr & 30 min after Taylors concert ended- a gorgeous 100 year-old mansion like thing in the town of Bunkie, LA. At that point, we were around where the concert had been - several told me how it was. I was excited to hear Lin's report though, but she was not near the phone at that point. The bummiest thing was that I missed seeing Lin and Connie <Conrad/West Texas Sky>, but we'll do that eventually, but still and all, I had such lovely travelling companions and a grand adventure I can tell you all about and share jokes and stories about for years to come. We woke early the next morning after watching a bit of Jeepers Creepers and after a nice breakfast, we headed back to home. It seemed like it was a very long ride, with so many interesting things I missed on account of my sleeping through most of it.........

So we get Tyggy Home & say our good byes & we left to get a room so we could go to bed which we did. We got up next morning & headed back to Paul & Connies in IA. We at lunch at cracker barrel they have awesome meatloaf & fried apples yummy. We got back to their houst oooooh about 8pm or so then me & paul un packed their car & repacked mine & i said my goodbyes & headed home. So what happens after I left???? I realized i couldnt find my trun off so I wound up at General mills entrance I call Connies & Paul {bless that sweet mans heart he drove out to me & had me follow him to my turn off. As long as I live I will love that couple Connie is so lucky to have such a sweet & understanding hubby. I finally got him about 1:30 am so tired I could barely walk <i nodded off 3-4 times driving hime lol then I saw the sign for Missouri Valley IA & i woke right up cause that menat i was 15 min from home yaaaaaaaaaaaay lol>

We did have a great time in the car joking we were all laughing. We had to to keep from being upset about missing Taylor. Imean at lease we have all gotten to see him Me 1 time 7 Connie & Tyggy sevral but ya know we went down Sout to go to the concert too. Im glas i saw him In B-Ham & got to finally meet jeff & get my hug which is awesome. I hope to get Jeffs Shirt done sometime this Centery then the next time I see him ill give it to him.I know i can give it to him when me Mom Connie Paul & Tyggy go to Mardi Gras in 2009. Yeah Im really psyched to go Im gunna borrow some money from my Stepdad & we are gunna go. It's tyggys fault yeah that's it she gave me a phamflet from New Orleans that has 4 tours on it they are as fllows

Cemetery History tour: that takes you to the St Louis Cemetery #1...The VooDoo Tour...
Ghosts & Legends....Lastly what i know will be my Fave of all 4 The Vampir Tour. That is the one that got my Mardi Gras wheels turning lol. After a few days of thinking bout it i told mom we r going to Mardi gras in 2009. we were talkign about it & she's like "I get to go too?" I said DUUUUH yes what Part of you me Connie & Tyggy don't you understand LOL.Shes all for it lol. Ill begin making plans bout this time next year. I can't wait This is gunna give me someting to majorly look forward too. Sadly I wont be going to any Taylor shows while im saving the money Unless its an invite thing like when we went down south. Anyway I hope you enjoyed my story & the pics. BTW there are a few pics that are really neat. Dawggie got hold of my camera and snapped a pic of herself you will see it there is a neat light show infront of her face. & theres another neat light show on the stage as jeff was playing you'll see let me know what you think.....
I got pics Uploaded on my PhotoBucket page
Here is the links. I sorted them in to 3 albums
Trip down sounth these are diff pics i took on the to & from the South.
Pics From Bham.Pix from the Bars where Brian & then The other guys played
This one is from Birmingham some Sexy Gray haird brown eyed soul man wrote a book Called Heart Full Of Soul and read from it as well as asnswered questions.
enjoy them all If you take any please give me credit. If you have questions about the pics or the recap please feel free to PM me Im an open book
Take care Hugs Penney

it's time for a new pic here it is ME & THE SFB from KCMO Aug 14th 10 (I was sweaty cause it was sooo hot all night i think i lost about 10 lbs in sweat alone)

the oxygen weilding hyperventlating perv
Get your mind outta the gutter you're steppin on my head... Hee hee
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PostSubject: Re: My Recap from when we went South Done finally.   Tue Aug 21, 2007 11:34 am

AWW sounds like ya'll had a good time! Thanks for shareing! (now I know what a recap is) gesh to me its the same thing. Ahh these new terms get me.
I did watch a documentory on madigras and the cemetary. I love the history of old stones. I have a thing about that. Thing is they follow me home.. whoo oooh ooooo

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PostSubject: Re: My Recap from when we went South Done finally.   Tue Aug 21, 2007 7:39 pm

I want to hang with ya'll next time you in the "Ham.
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PostSubject: Re: My Recap from when we went South Done finally.   

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My Recap from when we went South Done finally.
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