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 Top 12 Guys With A Surprise - 2/28/12

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PostSubject: Top 12 Guys With A Surprise - 2/28/12   Top 12 Guys With A Surprise - 2/28/12 Icon_minitimeWed Feb 29, 2012 7:16 am

Top 12 Guys With A Surprise - 2/28/12 322546 Hi there! Did you notice my title rhymed? Not a big deal and sadly neither were the guys performances overall on this first night of real competition. However welcome to my thoughts as I cover how the boys did.

Before we get to that let's begin with how the start of the show got started. We are again shown our top 24. We are told we have a surprise in store for us although we already know they are adding a 13th guy to the mix. Now comes the entrance and intro to the judges and Ryan. Wow, this stage looks huge plus the place has a big audience to my eyes. Ryan tells us this is new plus also welcomes the band. Now comes the news that things are definitely different this season. Seems on results night only five guys and five girls will make the next step. Our three judges (Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler) will then each get a wild card pick to add to the top 10 making the total of 13 who will sing next week. Frankly I am not thrilled with this. So I really had to vote hard to get my top favorites in and not sure I was able to do enough as I like so many of the guys. The guys supposely got to sing any song they wanted but sure enough we heard songs that have been done time and time again on this show by some of them. Okay, enough of the info of the show, let's get to the performances.

Top 12 Guys With A Surprise - 2/28/12 683635 Before each guy sings we see a little of their home background and comments from each contestant.

Reed Grimm is up first and hails from Wiscousin. He is one of the few who chooses a new song from the charts called "Moves Like Jagger". This has been a hit by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera. By the way I like this song by them. Reed does a jazzy version of the song complete with playing drums via Sheila E style. It was okay but not the show-stopper I hoped for from this talented guy. The judges on the other hand were very praise-worthy with their comments. Randy likes this musical guy and thought the song was a great choice. Jennifer concurs with great way to start the show and great job. Steven loves the voice and the jazz. My grade: B

Adam Brock is from Washington, Pennsylvaina. Loved his home shot and could not remember his occupation but that sure is a nice house. He plays it straight singing "Think" by Aretha Franklin. I do not remember ever hearing a guy sing this song on the show but he does well with it. Again I am not blown away. Randy likes the throw-back vibe. Jennifer loves the big finish. Steven is loving it and calls it great. My grade: B

Okay 17 year old DeAndre Brackensick from San Jose, California is cute but I was not too impressed with his version of "Reason" by Earth, Wind & Fire. In the beginning he does sound like the lead singer of the group but along the way he starts with the vocal gymnastics and sounds a bit off-key to my ears. Not so for the judges with Randy commenting he sounds like a natural guy who is commercial. Jennifer is loving his vibe and voice. Steven likes the song choice. Also to probably encourage the younger set to vote, two young girls are brought up on stage to give DeAndre a hug. Sorry but this performance is not working for me personally. My grade: C

Next is 20 year old Colton Dixon from Murfeesboro, Tennessee (I have actually been there). I was most disappointed with this number frankly. His choice is "Decode", the Twilight theme by Paramore. Even though he starts off playing the piano and then dramatically gets on top of it by the end of the song I thought he sounded off-key throughout. Again the judges are loving this with Jennifer saying Colton sings from his heart. Randy flat out loves it and Steven thinks he showed his true talent. I think we have heard better from Colton in the past. My grade: C-

Another disappointment as Jeremy Rosado from Florida chooses to sing "Gravity" by Sara Barielles. So boring by this Mr. Nice Guy. Jennifer loves how he has an affect on people in a good way. Randy is impressed with this tender moment from Jeremy and Steven uses his stock answer "beautiful". I think Jeremy does have a nice voice but feel he may be one that is cut on Thursday as this performance was certainly not memorable. My grade: C

Aaron Marculles was originally from Atlanta, Georgia but now hails from New York. He does a fair job with the Jackson 5 number "Never Can Say Good-Bye". He has nice vocals throughout but his ending note was by far the best part of this performance. Randy agrees and says Aaron has crazy vocals and loves the cool run at the end of the song. Jennifer says the boy can really sing. Steven calls him the whole package. While the judges gave Aaron a standing ovation I again was not totally blown away. My grade: B

Country crooner Chase Likens has had very little screen time up until now. Sadly I do not think Chase will go far since his Hunter Hayes song "Storm Warning" did not have much of an impact on this first night of competition. This West Virginia guy is certainly tall and cute but the vocals were nothing special in my opinion. Steven mentions his Brendan Fraser look and likes it. Jennifer adds he sounded great with Randy mentioning he has range. My grade: B-

I really like 28 year old Creighton Fraker from South Dakota. I felt he made the Cyndi Lauper song "True Colors" his own. He did sound nervous here and there but I liked this performance. Jennifer says it was beautifully dynamic. Randy just mentions he can really sing but Steven calls it stupendous. Not quite that but I still liked it. My grade: B+

Finally I am excited with the show when Phil Phillips does his own version to the song "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins. He plays guitar and has what I call a unique arrangement of the song. I was surprised the judges did not share my delight. Jennifer just says he has a special talent. Steven calls his voice crazy and adds "good job". Randy however is not jumping up and down on this performance but is a fan of Phil's. Whatever judges! My grade: A

I liked 15 year old Eben Franckewitz during the Hollywood rounds however he disappointed me with his song choice "Set Fire To The Rain" by Adele. It was off-key mostly although the end note was very good. The judges agree with the ending of the song but do mention the melody was pitchy and for once I agree. My grade: C

23 year old Heejun Han has also been a fave of my mine but he too disappoints with his rendition of "Angels" by Robbie Williams. We have heard so much better from this young man and tonight's performance was just blah for me personally. The judges feel this was the wrong song choice but JLo does think his voice is smooth as silk. Randy agrees. Steven mentions how this song does not showcase his vocal ability but adds he can really sing. My grade: B-

We finally go to church with a great performance by Joshua Ledei who comes from Westlake, Louisana. He sings "You Pulled Me Through" and gets a standing ovation from the judges for his efforts. I also was mightily impressed with this performance. Steven comments that Joshua has the voice the world is waiting to hear. Randy says "amen here" and Jennifer calls it amazing. I think so too. My grade: A

Wow, my wish has come true as it is now revealed that the 13th guy is Jermaine Jones. Looks like the audience is also thrilled they brought back this "gentle giant" (he sure towers over Ryan in height). While I am glad Jermaine is brought back I was not too thrilled with his choice of song which is "Dance With My Father" by Luther Van Dross. I think being the last contestant might pull him through to next week but overall I found this performance just nice and not great. Jen likes his special voice and spirit. Randy thinks he is unique with his deep baritone voice (I agree here). Steven is very glad they brought him back on the show. My grade: B+

Top 12 Guys With A Surprise - 2/28/12 833804 Final Thoughts

Well there you have it. I feel the stand-out performances came from Phil Phillips and Joshua Ledei. I am rooting for a couple of the other guys even though I was not too impressed tonight. Not too sure how the voters will go but think Jeremy Rosado, Chase Likens and possibly Eben Franckewitz might be on the chopping block. Thursday will be the day of reckoning not only for the guys but also the girls who will perform tonight. I will be back later with my take on that.

I welcome your comments. Take care all!
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PostSubject: Re: Top 12 Guys With A Surprise - 2/28/12   Top 12 Guys With A Surprise - 2/28/12 Icon_minitimeThu Mar 01, 2012 2:20 pm

I was so mad at myself. I totally forgot the guys were singing on Tuesday. Didn't see any of the performances. Arrrrrgh! Thank goodness for you recaps Crystal. I will definitely be watching the results tonight to see if any of my first choices will make it through.
Thank you for the recaps.
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Top 12 Guys With A Surprise - 2/28/12
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