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Due to lack of activity I have chosen to close this forum thank-you for the ride it was a blast when it was here. DreamHrt

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 Top 13 Perform - 3/7/12

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PostSubject: Top 13 Perform - 3/7/12   Thu Mar 08, 2012 7:27 am

Finally the real part of this show is underway and our top 13 are performing for our votes although the judges do get a small say on who stays and who goes. On this 400th episode it appears that tonight's theme is basically the girls against the guys.

After the welcome to Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and of course our own Ryan Seacrest, we are once again introduced to the top 13. This week the girls will sing the songs of Whitney Houston while the guys have the task of singing Stevie Wonder songs. Jimmy Iovine along with this week's mentor Mary J. Blige coach our group. Not much more to say on this so here come the performances:

lol! Joshua Ledei is up first with the Stevie song called "I Wish". This is totally out of Joshua's genre as he is a church boy basically. I thought he had great stage presence and overall did a pretty good job on the song. I was not totally blown away but I did like it. Randy thinks he blew it out and was rocking. Jennifer felt his performance. Steven thinks he nailed it. My grade: B+

Sadly I was disappointed in the next performance which was Elise Testone. She was going to sing "The Greatest Love of All" but in rehearsal it was not going well so Jimmy and Mary suggested she opt for "I'm Your Baby Tonight". I thought she seemed to be struggling as mentioned later by Randy. The main thing I felt on her performance was boredom. Jennifer compliments her on her amazing voice but does add it was not her best. Steven adds good but overall not great. My grade: B-

Jermaine Jones plays it safe with the song "Knocks Me Off My Feet". It had a pleasant sound and I certainly love Jermaine's deep voice but again I was not blown away. Randy says he loved the verses but not the changed chorus. Jennifer wants him to connect more with the song. Steven thinks his voice fit this song like an Armani suit. My grade: B+

Erika Van Pelt is another one who really did not blow me away with her rendition of "I Believe In You and Me". Seemed kind of wobbly in the beginning but got better as she went on. I did like the red streaks in her hair that complimented her red dress. Randy likes her tone. Jennifer thinks Erika played it too safe. Steven thought the chorus was great. My grade: B

I'm sorry but I find Colton Dixon a wash-out overall. Tonight you could certainly hear that his voice is not that great as he performed "Lately". His diction and twang in the beginning was a turn-off although his last eight bars were better as mentioned by Randy who also says technically it was not perfect. Jennifer loved his vulnerably but Steven totally got it wrong by saying "outstanding". My grade: C

As bad as I thought Colton was, Shannon Magrane was worse. She sounded pretty good in the rehearsal but once she hit the stage to perform "I Have Nothing" we mostly got flat notes. It started out okay but as the song went on the pitchy notes entered and she really struggled to hit the high note. Randy and Steven were kind but felt the nerves got the best of her. Jennifer adds she needs to relax. My grade: C-

DeAndre Brackensick showed alot of energy as he sang "Master Blaster". His singing was fairly good but something about this kid just does not do it for me personally. Randy was feeling it and calls it good. Jennifer thinks he has rhythm and soul. Steven basically liked it. My grade: B

Amazing how a country girl can take on a Whitney song and make it sound so good but that is what Skylar Laine did. Her version of "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" actually gave me chills when she hit the big notes. I really liked this in spite of Jennifer thinking she sounded nasally in the beginning which I did not notice. Randy also adds it was iffy in the beginning but she got it together. Only Steven's comment did I agree with as he called it a thing of beauty. My grade: A

I really liked Heejun Han in his audition and Hollywood week but since then I am losing steam about him. His version of the song "All Is Fair In Love" left me cold. It was just okay and frankly sang a little too softly. Steven comments on how he loves his voice. Jennifer just flat out says she loves him. Randy adds it wasn't perfect but really good. Frankly I don't think so judges. My grade: C

Our small girl certainly has a big voice as Hollie Cavanagh takes on the song "All The Man I Need". I thought she was really good on this number. Randy thinks she nailed it. Jennifer calls it beautiful and Steven says really nice. My grade: A

I honestly do not know what Jennifer sees in Jeremy Rosado. Sure he is nice and he did nicely with the song "Ribbon In The Sky" but overall it was not a slam dunk. Randy says it was not his best and needs swag. Jennifer uses Steven's favorite word and calls it beautiful. Steven says his voice is velvet smooth and likes his nice passion. My grade: B

Wow, this is the first time I have heard someone sing "I Will Always Love You" as good as Whitney herself. Jessica Sanchez did it which earned her a standing ovation from the judges. It was awesome in my book. Randy calls her the best vocal of the night. Jennifer is pretty speechless but adds amazing. Steven thinks she made 40 million people cry. This girl may be the one to beat in this competition. My grade: A+

Now comes the unique and different guy in the form of Phil Phillips. He definitely made the song "Superstition" his own by playing guitar and doing a raspy version of the song. I really liked it and thought the dueling guitars was an added joy. Steven thinks he drives his own car in his own lane and loved it. Jennifer also thinks he killed it. Randy calls him an interesting character. That is for sure. My grade: A

Again Ryan Seacrest feels the need to question the judges on their favorites of the night and the not so good of the night. I wish he would not do this. Randy opts to say Joshua and Jessica were his faves. Jennifer does think Shannon Magrane might be in trouble but then names a few of the ones who she likes. She adds that the girls appeared stronger on this night and I agree with this. Steven is worried for Shannon and Elise but his top favorite was by far Jessica Sanchez (mine too!).

As for myself my bottom girl is definitely Shannon Magrane. Of the boys they could easily send home Jeremy Rosado, Colton Dixon or Heejun Han and I would not cry. However on the results show only one guy or girl will go home. My pick is Shannon Magrane overall. Who is your pick?

Be back later with the results re-cap. Have a great day!
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PostSubject: Re: Top 13 Perform - 3/7/12   Thu Mar 08, 2012 6:41 pm

I didn't watch but since Reed is gone what is the point.

Anyways i like Heejun and Jermaine and i would hope with voice like theirs they would be in the running for a while.

I don't like Philip, Colton or DeAndre.

The rest i don't have any opinion one way or another good, bad or otherwise.
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PostSubject: Re: Top 13 Perform - 3/7/12   Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:18 pm

Mae, honestly you are missing out on some awesome talent this season. I'm happy to say that my favorites (Phillip, Hollie, Skylar) made it. Plus I picked up some new faves as well in Jessica and DeAndre. In my honest opinion there hasn't been this much talent since season eight.
Plus, the girls are pretty strong. I'm betting on a girl to win this one. Good luck to them all.
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PostSubject: Re: Top 13 Perform - 3/7/12   

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Top 13 Perform - 3/7/12
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