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Due to lack of activity I have chosen to close this forum thank-you for the ride it was a blast when it was here. DreamHrt


 Results - 3/22/12

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PostSubject: Results - 3/22/12   Results - 3/22/12 Icon_minitimeFri Mar 23, 2012 7:17 am

Results - 3/22/12 338312 Hi gang, well the voting public certainly got it wrong this week on who to send home. I will cover the elimination later in this post.

Once again we get repeat scenes, comments from the judges and messages about how the group covered Billy Joel music. The main part of these messages is that one is going home tonight.

Now comes the welcome to the judges and Ryan. Results - 3/22/12 664500 That dress that Jennifer Lopez has on is certainly a brilliant color of pink. In fact Ryan mentions how bright she is.

Our contestants do a nice job with the Billy Joel number "For The Longest Time". I liked how Elise was sitting on Steven Tyler's lap for her solo part and how cute she kissed his cheek. Was that Casey Abrams in the audience as Skylar Laine sang her solo? Not sure as no mention of him during the show but it sure looked like him.

The Ford commercial was kind of corny this week with the contestants taking a turn at hiding out in a house to the song "You Found Me". Not much to do with Ford other than some of them driving off at the end in a Ford Focus.

Results - 3/22/12 683635 Guest singers:

Lana Del Rey is an artist I never heard of but seems her "Born To Die" album has hit #1 in 20 countries. I think the name of the song she was singing was called "Video Game" (I could be wrong here as I did not hear what Ryan said as he introduced her). She is not a bad looking girl and she had a full orchestra backing her however I thought her singing ability and this song was terrible. I would never buy music from this young lady.

Haley Reinhardt from season 10 is back to perform her newest single "Free". Sorry folks once again I am not blown away with this song. Haley looks hot in her red outfit but overall I could barely understand the lyrics she was singing. Maybe because she growled alot in the song.

lol! Results with Jimmy Iovine comments:

Hollie Cavanagh - Jimmy feels she lost her technique a bit but thought she looked beautiful. She is safe.

Skylar Laine - Not her best this week and she needs to become more creative. She is safe.

Elise Testone - Jimmy got "goosies" on her performance. He loved the confidence and outfit. She is safe.

DeAndre Brackensick - Not his best and he jumped around too much. He is bottom 3.

Joshua Ledei - Jimmy thinks he over-sang his song and did not connect with it. He is safe.

Jessica Sanchez - She gets A's across the board from Jimmy. She is safe.

Erika Van Pelt - Jimmy likes the new look and thinks she is top of the batch. She is bottom 3.

Heejun Han - Jimmy comments on Steven being angry with Heejun who appears not to be taking this competition seriously. Jimmy thinks Heejun is a stunt gone wrong and would give him a "D". He is bottom 3.

Colton Dixon - Billy Joel liked Colton's performance of the night before and Jimmy thinks he did great. He is safe.

Phil Phillips - Jimmy appreciates his style but feels he needs to take advice sometimes. He is safe.

Results - 3/22/12 214452 It was a nice surprise for Steven Tyler that his bud Joe Perry played and had the audience sing Happy Birthday to him. He seemed to get emotional over this. Anyhow Happy Birthday Steven and you are wished many more.

Results - 3/22/12 945178 Jennifer is asked before the elimination what she thinks about the bottom 3 which consists of DeAndre, Heejun and Erika. She feel that whoever goes home is a loss because they are all wonderful. DeAndre is first back to safety. Now comes the bad part in my book as Heejun is safe and Erika has to sing for the save card. At least Erika can sing but her "I Believe In You and Me" does not go over with the judges and she is sent home. I truly believe Heejun should have been taking that trip home. Erika is crying as she watches her journey on the show. I truly hope this woman gets to fulfill her dream of a career as she is a good singer.

Another week is gone and our contestants will be moving into a Hollywood Hills mansion this week. I am sure scenes will be shown of this on next week's show. Hope the theme of next week is a good one. So need to go now. Take care everyone and have a great week ahead.

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PostSubject: Re: Results - 3/22/12   Results - 3/22/12 Icon_minitimeFri Mar 23, 2012 9:41 am

DAMN!!! Wrong choice this week.
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Results - 3/22/12
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