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 Top 9 Take On Their Idols - 3/28/12

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Top 9 Take On Their Idols - 3/28/12 Empty
PostSubject: Top 9 Take On Their Idols - 3/28/12   Top 9 Take On Their Idols - 3/28/12 Icon_minitimeThu Mar 29, 2012 7:19 am

Top 9 Take On Their Idols - 3/28/12 42519 Hello all. Our show is starting out with some comments and scenes from some contestants about how music has affected their lives. Of course we see the messages in-between the comments about living their dream (I won't cover them word for word). What I did enjoy about this beginning was hearing Stevie Nicks in the background singing "Landslide".

Now comes the welcome to the judges and Ryan who then introduces our top 9. I must say I liked the concept of this week's show which was each of the idols picking a song from their favorite idol (a first I think). Before the performances we see a clip of Tommy Hilfiger with tons of clothes in the background mentoring our contestants on picking their own style to wear.

Another plus was Stevie Nicks was the guest mentor this week (Simon Cowell really should consider her as a judge I think). We got to see some old 80's clips of not only Stevie but a very young Jimmy Iovine rocking out. One other thing to add is that our group of nine will be doing "trio" songs along the way. Now that I have covered all the intros, let's get to the performances:

Top 9 Take On Their Idols - 3/28/12 833804 Colton Dixon is up first and of course I figured he would pick something alternative but instead opts for Lifehouse"s "Everything". He had back-up from guitars and violins and did not sound too bad in the slower parts of the song but in the chorus he brought some of that twang I hear in his voice from time-to-time. I felt this song was really too dragging and just okay overall. The judges of course loved it with Steven saying that Colton was a dream come true (huh?). Jennifer felt his emotion and was moved while Randy talked about Colton's believablity. My grade: B

Spunky Skylar Laine chooses to sing some Miranda Lambert. Her version of "Gunpowder and Lead" I thought got off to a rough start and that may have been because she was walking down the stairs in the beginning. Once she got to center-stage she showed she will probably be your typical country singer who has alot of energy. She sang it fairly good but I was not blown away as I have been with some of her other performances. Steven called her over the top and that she put some Galveston into it. JLo talked about her unbridled energy. Randy liked how she told a story and complimented her on her range. My grade: B

Top 9 Take On Their Idols - 3/28/12 322546 At this point our first trio of the night is taking on the music of Fleetwood Mac. The trio consists of Colton Dixon, Elise Testone and Phil Phillips. Colton is the lead singer for the song "Landslide". It was not bad but I could barely hear Elise and Phil as the back-up singers. I enjoyed the solo moment of Elise a bit more on the song "Edge of 17" and the guys were pretty good as her back-ups. Phil was lead on the song "Don't Stop". This last song was just okay for me personally. Steven Tyler however called the performance "most excellent".

Up next is Heejun Han who has decided to finally take this competition seriously with his song of choice "A Song For You" by Donny Hathaway. This performance of his was such a big improvement over his other performances that the judges gave him a standing ovation. I must say I enjoyed it myself although he was not pitch-perfect. Steven feels he turned his chances around and made the song come alive. Jennifer felt the connection and said he had beautiful tone. Randy does comments about the off-notes but pretty much agreed with his fellow judges. My grade: B+

Top 9 Take On Their Idols - 3/28/12 57823 A brief moment with Jason Derulo who has a song called "Undefeated" that will be used in a new Coke commercial. People who are interested can submit song-writing skills to help Jason complete the song which will be performed on the finale this season. Later we see Jason with new girlfriend Jordin Sparks (season 6 winner) and legend Dionne Warwick in the audience.

Now back to the music as Hollie Cavanagh takes on a famous Carrie Underwood song "Jesus Take The Wheel". Risky choice however I thought Hollie sounded almost as good as Carrie on this song. Both our male judges however were not so enthused. Steven could hear the emotion but felt it was just okay. Randy talked about her pitch in the lower register but does add "good job". Only Jennifer thought it was one of her best performances. I kind of agree. My grade: A

Another standing ovation from the judges for Deandre Brackensick who sings "Sometimes I Cry" by Eric Benet. Sorry but I could not agree here as I thought the song was boring and pitchy. It might be because Deandre chose to sing the entire song in his falsetto and while I appreciate this technic to some degree I do not like to hear a whole song done in that vein. Steven thinks he was 100% passion. Jennifer comments on his special voice and this performance went straight to the heart. Randy calls it beautiful. My grade: B-

I was again underwhelmed with Jessica Sanchez who I have liked alot in the past. Her choice of song is Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams". For me it was just okay but the judges felt differently. Steven thinks she is a star and it was a great performance. JLo calls it a beautiful rendition and wanted more. Randy goes way overboard and thinks she is one of the best singers he has ever heard on this show. My grade: B

Top 9 Take On Their Idols - 3/28/12 322546 Trio time as Deandre Brackensick, Heejun Han and Joshua Ledet gave us what I consider a bland performance of some of Michael Jackson's music. The songs included "Rock With You" and "PYT". It was just so-so for me personally but Jennifer called it perfect and gave them an A for effort.

One person who I feel always brings excitement to the show is Phil Phillips who does not let me down as he performs the song "Still Rainin" by Jonny Lang. With guitar in hand he sings the song in a bluesy and soulful way. I loved it! So did the judges who give him a standing ovation. Steven feels he owns every song he sings. Jennifer feels the music with his performances. Randy loves his bluesy and soulful vibe and feels his individuality is a plus. My grade: A+

Joshua Ledet does fairly well with the song "Without You" which was written by Badfinger and covered in the past by Harry Nilsson and Joshua's idol Mariah Carey. I was not totally blown away but did appreciate the emotion that Joshua displayed in the second part of the song. Steven felt he pushed beyond his own limit. Jennifer calls him an angel from heaven and his voice is godsend. Randy loves his voice and felt the performance was flawless and emotional. My grade: B+

Top 9 Take On Their Idols - 3/28/12 322546 Another trio song-set performed by Hollie Cavanagh, Skylar Laine and Jessica Sanchez. They do Madonna's "Just Like A Prayer", "Borderline" and "Respect Yourself". I found it just okay overall although the girls were trying to give it their all. Randy does not say much other than it was fun.

Another highlight of the night for me as Elise Testone takes on the Led Zepplin song "Whole Lotta Love". I do not think I have ever heard a girl perform this song but Elise pulls out all the stops and does a great job in my book. I so loved her rasp and energy in this number. In fact Stevie Nicks herself comments in the rehearsal she would definitely hire this girl if she needed a singer. She gets a standing ovation from the judges. Steven thinks she made Robert Plant proud. Jennifer loved the rock star stuff while Randy adds an amazing job. My grade: A+

Top 9 Take On Their Idols - 3/28/12 396952 It is pretty much up in the air who goes home this week as the judges were pretty complimentary on everyone. My bottom three would consist of Deandre, Heejun and possibly Colton. I sort of think this might be Heejun's time to go home although I have read other comments on the net that predict Deandre will go. What can I say but I really don't know at this point as the voters can be so fickle. Who's your pick?

Anyhow, I will be back later with the results re-cap and as always wish you a grand day. Take care everyone!
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Top 9 Take On Their Idols - 3/28/12
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