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 Top 8 Take On The 80's - 4/4/12

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Top 8 Take On The 80's - 4/4/12 Empty
PostSubject: Top 8 Take On The 80's - 4/4/12   Top 8 Take On The 80's - 4/4/12 Icon_minitimeThu Apr 05, 2012 12:47 pm

Top 8 Take On The 80's - 4/4/12 322546 Hi there everyone. Seems like the show is moving pretty fast now with only 8 contestants left. Tonight's episode shows us the departure of Heejun Han last week with one of my favorite songs playing in the background which was "Broken Wings" by Mr. Mister. As the scenes are playing we also see the following messages:

In this competition, having the drive is not enough. In this competition, you must make every moment count, more than your last. This is American Idol!

I am loving Jennifer Lopez's dress as the judges and Ryan Seacrest come on stage. We find out that tonight the contestants will sing the songs of the 80's. Randy Jackson is shown in those days when he played with Journey. I do have to say I was pretty disappointed with the song choices tonight. Where were the hair bands like Bon Jovi? Where was the music of the greats like Duran, Duran, Depeche Mode and INXS? Instead most of the contestants chose songs that were not all that exciting in my opinion.

Before we get started have to mention that our final 8 are paired up in duets tonight besides their solo performances. Another factor is our guest mentors tonight are Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal of No Doubt. Okay, let's go:

Top 8 Take On The 80's - 4/4/12 683635 Up first is Deandre Brackensick who tells us he misses his car as he had just gotten his license before auditioning for the show. His song choice tonight is "I Like It" by De Barge. He started his number out seated in the audience and chooses to sing not only with his falsetto but his natural voice also. I actually liked how he performed this number using both as did Randy. Steven called it captivating and exceptional. JLo liked it alot and also mentions Deandre's natural voice. My grade: B+

I really like Elise Testone alot however tonight's performance was just okay for me overall. She mentions how she misses her band before singing "I Want To Know What Love Is" by Foreigner. Her first pick however was "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen but Jimmy Iovine along with Gwen and Tony thought the Foreigner song was better. She sort of made it her own but even the judges were not too thrilled with this number. Steven loves her voice but was not wild about the song choice. Jennifer mentions how Elise looks beautiful but also thinks the song was not right. Randy is more blunt by calling Elise's performance out of tune throughout most of it. I would not go that far but as mentioned before not totally blown away this time around. My grade: B

Top 8 Take On The 80's - 4/4/12 530611 Our first duet is Colton Dixon and Skylar Laine. They are performing the 1983 song "Islands In The Stream" originally by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. Kind of a strange combo for this song but both did fairly well with the number but I sort of felt no connection between the two of them as they sang. One thing I did love was the background set. Randy called this number sweet and he enjoyed it. JLo kept is short by saying beautiful. Steven thinks this was a match made in heaven. Just okay for me. My grade: B

Top 8 Take On The 80's - 4/4/12 791667 Here we get the news that the show has received thousands of lyrics for the new Coke commercial that Jason DaRulo will be doing during the finale. Seems three sets are up on the idol site for you to vote on so check it out.

Top 8 Take On The 80's - 4/4/12 683635 Now back to the singing as Phil Phillips will be taking the stage with his brother-in-law Ben who he misses alot. They are performing "That's All" by Genesis. I really like this song alot and so far I have really liked Phil but tonight I was disappointed with his performance. To me he seemed pitchy in spots during the number. However the judges did not get that I guess as Steven thought it was great and loves Phil's individually. Jennifer thought it was okay as well. Randy called it a great song choice and felt Phil was comfortable singing. My grade: B-

Top 8 Take On The 80's - 4/4/12 530611 Duet time again as Hollie Cavanagh and Deandre Brackensick take the stage to perform the The Pointer Sister's song "I'm So Excited". Again I am not blown away. Steven thought it was a beautiful duet. Jennifer liked the moves that each made and says good job. Randy is short and sweet with his comment "very nice". My grade: B

Top 8 Take On The 80's - 4/4/12 683635 Joshua Ledet misses his family. His choice of song tonight is "If You Don't Know Me By Now" by Simply Red. This song was actually popular in 1972 with the original singers Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes as well. I thought Joshua finally gave us a very good performance as he really took it to church so to speak in the second half of the song. The judges were very impressed as they give him a standing ovation. Steven calls it over the top and outstanding. JLo calls it a powerhouse performance. Randy wanted to give Joshua a standing ovation from beginning to end and calls it so good. I liked it overall. My grade: B+

Jessica Sanchez misses alot of her usual teenage moments like shopping, hanging out with friends, etc. I personally think she did a wow job with her song choice of "How Will I Know" by Whitney Houston. In fact I honestly think this girl could be the next Whitney. She showed alot more stage presence and as mentioned I thought the vocal was pretty good. Steven calls her voice fantastic. Jennifer feels she is a natural performer for being only 16 years old. Randy thinks she sings effortlessly and adds amazing job. My grade: A

Top 8 Take On The 80's - 4/4/12 389126 Hellos are given to Naima Adedapo from Season 10 and Tommy Hilfiger who are seated in the audience tonight. Ryan Seacrest also gives a hand to Nigel Lithgoe (his boss).

Top 8 Take On The 80's - 4/4/12 530611 Finally a duet I can sink my teeth in as Phil Phillips and Elise Testone sing the classic song "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" originally done by Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty. The raspy tones of their voices blended so well and their stage presence was quite good. Steven says "outstanding" with Jennifer calling it great. Randy is also impressed and calls it amazing. My grade: A

Top 8 Take On The 80's - 4/4/12 683635 Hollie Cavanagh misses her family and her puppy who has grown alot since she has been on the show. Tonight her song is "What A Feeling" from the movie "Flashdance" and originally performed by Irene Cara. I thought her stage presence was so much better and I actually enjoyed her vocal. However the judges were pretty tough on her. Steven thought she was pitchy. Jennifer thinks she needs to let go more (huh?). Randy thinks he voice is amazing but she has alot of pitchy notes and is over-thinking the song too much. I don't get these comments at all personally. My grade: B+

Top 8 Take On The 80's - 4/4/12 530611 Our final duet of the night is Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez who sing "I Knew You Were Waiting" originally by Aretha Franklin and George Michael. I personally was not as blown away as the judges who give them a standing ovation. Randy thinks this was a great duet. Jennifer calls it a dream pairing. Steven says "so fine" and over the top. My grade: B+

Top 8 Take On The 80's - 4/4/12 683635 Next up is Colton Dixon who misses his part-time job. I think he chose the wrong song personally. His pick is Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time". Colton does mention that he did the version that the band Quietdrive did of this song. For me I felt Colton sounded nasally throughout the number although he did hit the notes pretty well. Steven felt he nailed it. Jennifer liked how he was so in sync with the band. Randy felt he made it his own and he is very current for today's music market. I have a feeling Colton will be going nowhere since the girls in the audience seem to really dig him. My grade: B

Our last number is by Skylar Laine who had two choices she was considering. The first was "9 To 5" by Dolly Parton. I think she could have done great with this number. However the mentors think her second choice was better. The song is "Wind Beneath My Wings" by Bette Midler. Frankly I was impressed with her performance. She showed alot of range and passion I think. The judges agreed as she get a standing ovation from them. Steven thought it was the best choice of song and so fine. Jennifer thinks Skylar can sing with the best of them. Randy adds "wow" and calls it her best performance to date. My grade: A

Top 8 Take On The 80's - 4/4/12 201170 Well there you have it, 80's night performances are now at an end. I found it kind of funny that not one of our contestants actually dressed like they did in the 80's and I have already mentioned I was not thrilled overall with the song picks. Hard to say who will be bottom 3 but have a feeling Hollie Cavanagh will be one of them since the judges were so down on her.

Be back later with the results re-cap. Seems once again Kellie Pickler and the band The Wanted will be performing. How come they do not bring back Taylor I wonder since he was a winner of this show! Anyhow, have a great day!
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Top 8 Take On The 80's - 4/4/12
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