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 Chicago Auditions - 1/17/13

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PostSubject: Chicago Auditions - 1/17/13   Chicago Auditions - 1/17/13 Icon_minitimeFri Jan 18, 2013 9:57 am

Chicago Auditions - 1/17/13 322546Hey there everyone. Our second night of auditions in the city of Chicago was sort of a redeeming effort considering Wednesday night's premiere was such a wash-out in my opinion.

True the opening scene was sort of dumb with two girls and of course the two divas bickered here and there over stupid things (poor Keith who sits between these two) but overall we saw much better talent at the Adler Planatarium which is where the auditions were held. Let's get to it..........

lol! First up is a cute blonde named McKenzie Wasner whose dad Pete is in the band who backs Vince Gill. She is from Tennessee and has the whole package I think. She made Vince Gill and her dad proud by singing Vince's song "Whenever You Come Around". I enjoyed her sweet voice and so did the judges who give her four yeses.

A quick clip of Austin Earles shows us a no vote across the board.

Next up is a very tall girl who sang for President Obama. Her name is Kiara Lanier and she opts to sing "The Prayer" by Celine Dion who did a duet with Andrea Bocelli on this number. Frankly speaking I thought her vocal sounded sharp but the judges liked it and she is off to Hollywood.

Another cute girl is 21 year old Stephanie Schimel who does the song "Dream A Little Dream of Me" made famous by Fleetwood Mac many years ago. I thought she was good but not great and for some stupid reason Nicki Minaj was not into her singing either. The other judges do vote her through. Nicki Minaj has a habit of sounding like she is talking through a clogged nose which gets under my skin. She also tries to be cute with stupid comments like "Randy Bandy" as an example. One last note here is Keith Urban had to break up another argument between Mariah Carey and Nicki over of all things pink eye shadow. This argument had Stephanie running with gold ticket in hand from the room to escape this nonsense.

Next up is Melissa Bush who looked like something out of the Disco era. She brought Randy a shirt which read "Get Down Dawg". Sadly this did not endear her to the judges including Randy once she starting singing "Downtown" by Petula Clark in a monotone-sounding way. It was awful for sure and she gets four no votes. This seemed to stun Melissa judging by the look on her face.

We get a brief clip of Haley Reinhardt before we hear that AI has started a new effort to find talent. It is called the small town bus tour and from this tour emerges Gabe Brown who works in a bakery and has brought homemade cookies for each of the judges. Looking alot like a auburn-hair Chris Sligh his first song is "Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones. I thought this was awful as he screamed the lyrics. The judges want to hear a softer side of this guy so he then does "We All Die Young" which sounded much better to my ears. However he ends this second number with more screaming. I was shocked the judges liked it and gave him the golden ticket. Tone it down Gabe!

In a fast way that was barely audible we hear from Kevin Navety who performs "One Week" by the Bare-Naked Ladies. This was so bad the judges hurry him out of there with four no votes. We quickly see ten more contestants get the no vote and lots of cussing from them in the next few clips.

Our next contestant is a cute girl named Isabelle Parrell who is only 15 years old. She wants to duet with Keith Urban to the song "Baby It's Cold Outside". He obliges and in spite of Keith not remembering the words, Isabelle sounds pleasant with her end. Randy is a no vote but the others like her so she gets the ticket. I sort of liked this girl also.

Keith Urban has to leave for a performance of his in Las Vegas so the remainder of day one in Chicago is handled only by Nicki, Randy and Mariah. We see Nicki Minaj fawn over several good-looking guys before we get to one who actually gets to sing. His name is Griffin Peterson and he is handsome which has Nicki acting like an idiot. I agreed with Randy's vote of no as Griffin sings "Washed By The Water" by the group Needtobreathe. It was just barely okay but both Nicki and Mariah feel he will get the girl vote in the future. Somehow I doubt he will make it past Hollywood.

Curtis Finch Jr. scores points with all the judges with his Hillsong gospel of "God Is Able". While I did not care for the song choice I do think Curtis can sing. He gets the gold.

A true sob story as Mariah Pulice enters. She has suffered with anorexia for years and is finally on the road to recovery due to her love of music. In a very emotional effort she does a fairly good job with the song "Let It Be" by The Beatles. The judges love her and she is feeling beautiful (her words) when she gets the gold. Her family is also over-joyed as we see in the clips. I am glad this girl gets the opportunity.

Day 2 brings us Brandy Neelley who was raised by her aunt because her parents could not take care of her. She does a pretty good version to the song "Your Cheatin Heart" by Hank Williams. I have a feeling this season might have alot of country singers since so far many of them sound pretty good. Of course Brandy gets her ticket.

The judges like Josh Holiday alot as he sings "Back at One" by Brian McKnight. He also is off to Hollywood but for me personally his singing was just okay.

Quick clips are shown of Courtney Williams who sings "Who's Loving You" by The Jackson 5 and Andrew Jones who gives us "Knock On Wood". Both get the gold and I am looking forward to hearing more from these two.

Clifton Duffin for some odd reason never sang in front of anyone including his parents who did not know he could sing. It was a pleasant surprise for his parents as they listen to him sing "Superstar" by The Carpenters in front of the judges. This guy's voice so reminded me of Rueben Studdard. I liked it and so do the judges who send him to Hollywood.

Ieisha (sorry did not get the last name) does a horrible job attempting to sing something I did not recognize. She is a professional dancer which she demonstrates (this was not that good either in my opinion). The judges give her four no votes on the singing thankfully.

Johnny Keyser tried out in season 11 and made it all the way to the top 60 before he was eliminated last year. His new tryout this year has him singing "Try A Little Tenderness" which did not sound good to my ears at all. However the judges liked him and give him another shot at Hollywood.

Next up is an odd girl named Kez Ban. She is dressed liked a mis-match doll with her hat, army-looking boots with yellow tops, red dress and what looks like a real chopped up mess of a hairdo. She has a dry sense of humor which sort of makes her sound interesting. Her profession currently is being a street and fire performer which is sort of bizarre overall. She starts to sing a song I don't recognize before Randy asks her to play her guitar and sing an original song she wrote. Believe it or not I liked her song and so do the judges who give her the gold. Not sure how she will fair in Hollywood but she is definitely un-usual.

We now see what is known as "The Miserables" with three lousy guy singers. More disappointed contestants are shown before we get to the next girl who is Ashley Curry. She is in college studying musical theatre. This girl will definitely need help in her future in her chosen profession as she can not sing, period. Her yelling the song "Mama Knows Best" by Jessie J had us watching several minutes of the judges dis-belief before security had to escort this young lady out.

Last of day 2 is young Lazaro Arbos from Cuba who suffers badly with stuttering. Coming to America made his stutter worse but he tries his best to get the words out in front of our judges. What is so un-believable is his singing of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" is awesome and perfectly worded without the stutter. This brought to my mind Mel Tillis who also stuttered but when singing sounded great. The judges are moved and send him to Hollywood. I was glad they made this decision but worry he might have some problems there.

Chicago Auditions - 1/17/13 201170So now our second auditions have come to an end and I see several I like. In all 47 tickets were given out in Chicago. Our next stop is Charlotte, North Carolina which looks like more drama between Nicki and Mariah sadly. Hopefully the talent will not be overlooked in this next visit.

In closing I again welcome your thoughts and wish each and everyone a great week ahead. Toodles!
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Chicago Auditions - 1/17/13
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