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 Down On The Bayou - 1/24/13

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PostSubject: Down On The Bayou - 1/24/13   Down On The Bayou - 1/24/13 Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2013 6:52 am

Down On The Bayou - 1/24/13 338312Hi there. First let me apologize for a comment I made on my prior post. I thought tonight's auditions were being held in New Orleans but in reality it is in the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana which is really Randy Jackson's hometown. We get to see a fast clip of Mariah Carey putting make-up on old Randy before he and the remaining judges face the 5000 contestants that showed up for this particular audition.

One last comment before we get started. I was happy to see that all the judges behaved themselves on this night and even Nicki acted somewhat normal in spite of her constant usage of what looks like another circus hat. Okay, lets go....

Down On The Bayou - 1/24/13 322546Tonight's contestants seem to be all about the big voices with Megan Miller being our first. She is currently Miss Baton Rouge but had to hobble in on crutches as she has a broken leg she got a few days before in a car accident. In fact right after the audition she is going into surgery to correct a problem that has developed with it. I loved her big voice as she sang Etta James version of the song "Something's Got A Hold On Me". The judges all loved her too and she gets the gold. Side note: her surgery went well.

17 year old Charlie Askew admits he is "socially awkward" and feels music helps him overcome this. I have to admit I found his voice quite unusual as he performed "Breakthru" by Queen followed by the jazz number "Nature Boy". The judges were in awe of him and he also is going to Hollywood. As for myself I liked his voice.

A real character is the grandmother of Maddie Assel who is this night's nomination by someone. Granny comes to the audition dressed in typical Mardi Gras attire complete with mask and umbrella. Maddie's song is "Oh Darling" originally by The Beatles. Frankly I was not sure I liked her voice all that much and would have to hear more before I could comment favorably. However the judges like her alot and she gets her ticket. Once Maddie emerges from the audition room I loved how her granny acted towards Ryan Seacrest (she was a real hoot!).

Several bad singers are shown before we get to 22 year old Paul Jolley who is a cutie. Sadly his grandpa had just died so the family was indeed sad but Paul hoped to make his grandpa proud by singing "You're Not Alone" by Rascal Flatts. I think he did just that with his performance before the judges. They liked him alot and he gets the gold.

What a wonderful personality Chris Barthal has. Nicki nicknames him "Mushroom" because his hair sort of looks like one. Really a fun guy but sadly not a singer as he tries to sing Adam Lambert's song "If I Had You". He does take the no votes gracefully and even lets Nicki rub his hair for future luck.

Dr. Calvin Peters is indeed a real doctor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He misses his musical background and hopes to get back to it. Attempting to sing the Maxwell song "Whenever, Wherever, Whatever" I found his voice to be just okay. However the judges like it and send him to Hollywood. My advice, keep your day job handy doc.

Three girls sing who are Michelle M. (sorry did not catch the last name), Breanna Steer and Brandy Rotand. The clips were so fast not sure if I like them or not but they join the other ticket holders.

After a no vote for Alissa Griffin, we next get to see firefighter Dustin Watts. His booming voice gives us a Garth Brooks song called "She's Every Woman". It sounded kind of nice to my ears as well as the judges who give him the gold.

Burnell Taylor is a Katrina survivor. He and his family lost everything in that storm and had to start over again. The judges seemed inspired by his take of the song "I'm Here" from the show The Color Purple. It was okay for me but did not blow me away like it did the judges who give him a standing ovation.

Down On The Bayou - 1/24/13 945178Tonight's episode is now at an end and frankly I wish we could have seen more from this episode. Our next stops will be in San Antonio, Texas and Long Beach, California (aboard the Queen Mary). I actually spent alot of my growing up years in Long Beach so I know that town well in spite of all the newer construction they have done over the years.

Oops forgot to mention that in all 35 contestants were sent to Hollywood from Baton Rogue. Now calling this post a wrap I bid you a great week ahead.

Down On The Bayou - 1/24/13 957302
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Down On The Bayou - 1/24/13
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