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 Top 10 Girls Try For Votes - 3/5/13

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PostSubject: Top 10 Girls Try For Votes - 3/5/13   Top 10 Girls Try For Votes - 3/5/13 Icon_minitimeWed Mar 06, 2013 1:32 pm

Top 10 Girls Try For Votes - 3/5/13 757280Hey there. Sorry to be so late posting my re-cap but had a busy morning to get through. Coming from The Mirage and being presented in the Cirque Du Soleil theatre our top 10 girls performed tonight in the hopes of winning America's vote to become part of the top 5 girls who will compete next week back in Hollywood.

After welcoming the judges, Ryan Seacrest informs us there is a new way to vote if you so desire. It is called the supervote and you can download this aspect of voting on the American Idol site. The good news is with one vote you can actually send up to 50 votes at one time. So those that are interested, check out that site. Of course, they still have the text vote and land-line vote available.

Okay, on to the performances:

Top 10 Girls Try For Votes - 3/5/13 76735What a hot mess our first girl is. Yeppers it is none other than Zoanette Johnson who is now wearing a red wig which looks somewhat calmer than her original hair. Of course the shorts she wore did her no favors which showed off her fat, flabby and ugly legs. Her song of choice is Tina Turner's "What's Love Got To Do With It" but sadly Zoanette made up her own lyrics to this song by changing the word love to "words". Come on now, at least know your lyrics if you plan to sing this classic. Each of the judges praised her energy and spirit but Keith Urban felt this was the wrong song choice. Nicki Minaj who has been a big supporter of Zoanette mentions how off-key she was singing. Randy calls it a real mess and Mariah Carey says this was not her favorite performance by her. My grade: F

Top 10 Girls Try For Votes - 3/5/13 201170I was desperately trying to think who Breanna Steer reminded me of. Once she started singing the song "Flaws and All" it came to me; Beyonce. Concidence since that is who this song is by originally. Breanna handled the song well and gave us a nice long note towards the end. Keith applauded her song choice and control during it. Nicki however felt it was the wrong song and did not like it at all. Randy Jackson felt it was a cool choice and liked her tenderness during the performance. Mariah feels it was a unique song choice but would have liked to see more. My grade: B+

Top 10 Girls Try For Votes - 3/5/13 41826Pretty Aubrey Cleland opts to sing Fergie's hit "Big Girls Don't Cry". I have to admit I hate this song but Aubrey did okay with it. Keith felt the song did not give Aubrey the chance to soar. Nicki, Randy and Mariah all mention how they like her vibrato part of the song. I think Mariah went a little overboard by saying Aubrey had multi-platinum potential. My grade: B

Top 10 Girls Try For Votes - 3/5/13 88275Next up is Janelle Arthur who takes on the Elvis Presley song "If I Can Dream". As you all know I am a huge Elvis fan. In my opinion it had nice parts to it however overall I was not impressed with this country girl. Keith loved it and called it classic country. Nicki the nut goes overboard and says up to now it was the best vocal of the night. Randy comments on her throwback voice and likes her. Mariah simply says very good job. My grade: B-

:lol!:Tenna Torres gives a boring performance of the Faith Hill song "Lost Lyrics". Jeesh, don't any of these girls know how to sing an upbeat song. Keith mentions how Tenna gets distracted by the camera but does call her performance a good job. Nicki is crazy I think. Not only does she comment on how she likes Tenna's hair this week but also likes her boobs. Everyone flips over this comment but Nicki does end her rant by calling Tenna professional. Randy likes the restraint she showed during the number. Mariah admires the richness in her voice. My grade: C

Top 10 Girls Try For Votes - 3/5/13 396952Angela Miller or Angie as she is now called is back at the piano and is doing an original song by Colton Dixon (remember him?). The song is called "Never Gone". I found this to be just okay overall. Keith however calls it beautiful and amazing. Nicki loves her signature sound. Randy thinks a star is being born. Mariah thought this was a good song choice and was so good. My grade: B

Top 10 Girls Try For Votes - 3/5/13 322546Up next is Amber Holcomb who in her video talks about asserting herself more. Her pick of song is Whitney Houston's "I Believe In You and Me". I felt this girl has a huge vocal range as demonstrated in the song. She was pretty good overall. The judges felt that way also as they give her a standing ovation. Keith admires her beautiful tone while Nicki says this was ten billion, gazillion, etc., etc., etc., best they have seen of her. Randy falls back on his old line "she is in it to win it". Mariah agrees with the other judges. My grade: B+

Top 10 Girls Try For Votes - 3/5/13 945178Another country song as Kree Harrison performs Faith Hill's "Stronger". I do think Kree has a nice voice and she does well with some long notes however I was not blown away by this choice of song. Keith feels she fits right in with the country genre. Nicki (after calling Kree her wife, huh) feels her sexiness level went up and loves her tone. Side note: I loved how Kree answer back to Nicki in a joking manner. Randy thinks Kree has a natural gift and likes her range. Mariah feels she shows experience that connects when Kree sings. My grade: B

Top 10 Girls Try For Votes - 3/5/13 412302Adriana Latonio has a real problem in her lower register as she sings "Stand Up For Love" originally by Destiny's Child. This was so boring I could not wait for it to be over. Keith calls it the wrong song while Nicki feels Adriana never stood out during the number. Randy calls it a pageant number that was safe and boring. Mariah feels it was not soulful enough to have Adriana shine. I say this is the end for Adriana. My grade: C-

Top 10 Girls Try For Votes - 3/5/13 451785Finally someone who catches my interest in the form of Candice Glover. She is singing the John Legend song "Ordinary People". It is another ballad but Candice shows she has the chops to pull off this number and in my opinion was the best singer of the entire night. Another standing ovation from the judges. Keith loves how she blended her notes and sounds current. Nicki just agrees. Randy calls her one of the best. Mariah thanks her for sharing her gift. My grade: A

Top 10 Girls Try For Votes - 3/5/13 833804To sum things up my top favorites of the night are Candice Glover, Breanna Steer and Amber Holcomb. Hopefully these three will make the top 5. On the Wednesday show we will be seeing the top 10 guys and on Thursday we will get the results from these two shows of performances. Hopefully the guys will bring their A game.

With that being said, I wish you a great day ahead. Toodles!
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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 Girls Try For Votes - 3/5/13   Top 10 Girls Try For Votes - 3/5/13 Icon_minitimeWed Mar 06, 2013 3:13 pm

I'll be damn. I actually heard one of the girls I like. Her name is Amber Holcomb. I'll be keeping my eye on her because if she continues to sing the way she did last night she could possibly be a front runner this season.
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Top 10 Girls Try For Votes - 3/5/13
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