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Due to lack of activity I have chosen to close this forum thank-you for the ride it was a blast when it was here. DreamHrt


 Top 10 Revealed - 3/7/13

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PostSubject: Top 10 Revealed - 3/7/13   Top 10 Revealed - 3/7/13 Icon_minitimeFri Mar 08, 2013 6:40 am

Top 10 Revealed - 3/7/13 66645Hello gang. Well last night our top 10 were revealed and frankly speaking no one really brings much excitement to this season. I do have a few potentials that may interest me enough to buy their music but overall I feel unless they change-up the music choices, this is going to be one boring season.

After welcoming the judges, seeing scenes of how everyone got to this point and finding out that 39 million votes were cast, we also find a new twist to naming the top 10. Seems our contestants are in a back room and no one but Ryan Seacrest knows who has made it. Once he calls their name they are led through a backstage passage and the big doors open to show the contestant who has made it to the judges, families and audience. Then they get to sing a victory song before they go to the couches. The main thing I liked about this is the remaining five guys and girls do not have to suffer being humilated in front of the live audience even though they do bring them out later as a group with thank yous and well wishes.

Top 10 Revealed - 3/7/13 945178The top five guys are named first and basically this disappointed me the most. Here goes:

First is Paul Jolley who gives a very off-key victory song. His pick is Heart's "Alone". I see him being one of the first to be eliminated next week. Of course, I could be wrong since the judges and America do not seem to be in agreement with my thoughts.

No, no, no I say as it is announced that Burnell Taylor has made it. What on earth do people see in the nerd. I muted his victory song which was "Ready For Love". I totally can not stand his voice.

Curtis Finch Jr. appears to be a real phony to me with his so-called "godly" act. We hear him sing "So High" which did not thrill me one bit.

Devin Velez shows he can sing all the way in English as he performs "Power of One". He has some potential I think.

I was glad to see that Lazaro Arbos made it. He does a fair job of singing "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Simon and Garfunkel. I do however worry he might have problems with the up-coming themes each week. Not that he can not sing but with his severe stutter he may have issues.

Now for the girls who made it:

Boring Janelle Arthur is first and sings "Home". This girl is so generic I think.

I was happy that Candice Glover made it and feel she is the only one so far who might bring some excitement to this ballad-laden group. I enjoyed her singing "I'm Goin Down".

Angie Miller reminds me of a Miley Cyrus wannabe. I totally got that vibe as she performs "I Was Here" which sounded terrible to my ears.

Amber Holcomb is cute and does "I'm Every Woman". She does Whitney Houston quite well but what about other themes coming up I wonder.

Kree Harrison seems to be a favorite I think. I felt she did well with her song "Evidence". She is one of my potential favorites.

Top 10 Revealed - 3/7/13 201170So there you have your top 10. I was sad to see that Nick Boddington, Charlie Askew, Elijah Lui and Vincent Powell were not in the mix of the guys. Of the girls I felt the worst for Breanna Steer who I felt should have taken the Janelle Arthur place. Hopefully the themes coming in the future shows will make this season more interesting.

One last note before I sign off. Seems there will be a sing-off with the another guy and girl who almost made the top 10. This lucky person will be allowed to go on tour with the top ten. Somehow I think the sales of that tour will not be that great since many are disgusted with this season as I am reading on the net. I already know I have no intention of seeing it.

Anyhow, hope all have a great week ahead and I will still be keeping you posted on the up-coming shows. Take care!

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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 Revealed - 3/7/13   Top 10 Revealed - 3/7/13 Icon_minitimeFri Mar 08, 2013 10:51 am

Top 10 Revealed - 3/7/13 399539 .... No one this season has blown me away. I feel it's the lamest season since season 6.

I called it right with the guys with the exception of Burnell. Not liking him at all. Of the girls who made it I like Amber Holcomb the best. I'm anxious to seen how she does in upcoming rounds.
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Top 10 Revealed - 3/7/13
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