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Due to lack of activity I have chosen to close this forum thank-you for the ride it was a blast when it was here. DreamHrt


 Jam Packed Results Show - 3/14/13

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PostSubject: Jam Packed Results Show - 3/14/13   Jam Packed Results Show - 3/14/13 Icon_minitimeFri Mar 15, 2013 11:16 am

Jam Packed Results Show - 3/14/13 42519Hi there. It is another results show where one un-lucky individual will be going home. However this was a fairly interesting hour in my book. I thought the opening with Ryan and Phil Phillips was kind of cute. Now we actually get to the show part with an intro to our judges and of course Ryan Seacrest. We are told over 26 million votes came in which is down from last week's vote. However Ryan thanks the voters for voting and then our top ten are introduced.

The usual scenes are played from last night however Jimmy Iovine has comments about each and what the judges thought. I think Jimmy makes a lot of sense at times.

Jam Packed Results Show - 3/14/13 530611There is a new twist as we get to the first set of results. We will find out who the top three were however not how they placed. Ryan starts off by having Devin Velez, Janelle Arthur and Candice Glover stand. Seems Devin got twenty-five percent of the vote from Puerto Rico. Janelle received thirty percent of the Tennessee vote. Candice had an over-whelming forty-two percent of the vote from South Carolina and she is the first in the top three. Yippee, I am so glad she is safe.

Jam Packed Results Show - 3/14/13 875576Our top ten perform the song "Shine Your Way" from the upcoming release of the movie "The Croods". I thought they did quite well with this number.

Next up for their result is Kree Harrison who not only is in the top three but receives the key to the city of Woodville, Texas from the mayor of that town. Nice touch I thought for Kree.

How cute is Jane Lynch hugging Ryan and seating him on her lap.

Jam Packed Results Show - 3/14/13 406210Now comes a performance by one of my favorite groups; Bon Jovi. I really was unaware they had released a new cd. It is called "What About Now" and they perform a song from the cd called "Because We Can". I really liked the song and later listened to the whole cd. Definitely will be getting this one. I am always so taken back by how young and good-looking Jon Bon Jovi looks. Currently the group is out on a sold out tour. Glad to know this group is still so popular.

Jam Packed Results Show - 3/14/13 3635201530We now have the opportunity to see which guy and girl missed getting into the top ten. They are going to do a sing-off and our votes will give whomever gets the highest votes the chance to go on the American Idol tour.

First up is Charlie Askew (yeah) who plays the piano as he sings an original song called "Sky Blue Diamond". I sort of liked it and am happy Charlie gets another chance.

Aubrey Cleland is the girl contestant. Her song choice is "Out Here On My Own" from the movie Fame and originally sung by Irene Cara. It was nicely done but I truly want Charlie to make the tour. I voted for him on the American Idol website. The chance for either is being sponsored by AT&T. Next week we will find out the result.

Jam Packed Results Show - 3/14/13 322546I really like Phil Phillips and he does his current hit "Gone, Gone, Gone" which is also the song that is played when a contestant is eliminated. After Phil performs Randy Jackson gives him a plaque which shows that Phil's song "Home" has sold four million copies. What a plus for this young guy. I have his album and think it is pretty good.

Jam Packed Results Show - 3/14/13 57823Back to the results as both Angie Miller and Lazaro Arbos are asked to stand. Seems Angie took seventeen percent of the vote from Florida but Lazaro beat her in that state. However it is Angie who is the final person in the top three.

Now comes another new twist as we are about to find out how the remaining contestants placed with votes. Here goes:

4th place - Lazaro Arbos
5th place - Amber Holcomb
6th place - Janelle Arthur
7th place - Burnell Taylor
8th place - Paul Jolley

This means that Devin Velez and Curtis Finch Jr. are the bottom two. I honestly believe they were in those spots due to their song choices. Turns out the actual bottom vote-getter is Curtis Finch Jr. Nicki Minaj is really mad about this one and threatens to go home if Curtis has to go (I was sure hoping she would go). Turns out the judges do have a save card and Curtis needs to sing for the save. The save card can only be used once and the judges have to be unanimous with their vote.

Curtis opts to sing R Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly". While his high notes were good I really did not think he sang it as well as other songs he has sung. Evidently the judges could not agree either and Curtis is the first to leave the competition. One side note here: Seems Curtis has a past criminal record that came out which may have had something to do with his elimination. Not sure what he did but I do think the producers should have screened the contestants better in the beginning before they allowed Curtis into the competition.

Jam Packed Results Show - 3/14/13 201170So another week has come to an end for our show and I do honestly feel a girl will surely win this competition judging by how the votes came down.

I now bid you adieu and hope your coming week is grand. Take care until next time!
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PostSubject: Re: Jam Packed Results Show - 3/14/13   Jam Packed Results Show - 3/14/13 Icon_minitimeFri Mar 15, 2013 2:38 pm

I was disappointed. I liked Curtis a whole lot more the Burrell.'s how America votes. What can you do?

I loved seeing Phillip Phillips back on the Idol stage. He sounds good. What an honor to have your music on platium. (sp?) Anyway....Bon Jovi sounded amazing as always. I agree with you Crystal. I wasn't aware they had a new Cd. I'll have to look for it.
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Jam Packed Results Show - 3/14/13
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