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Due to lack of activity I have chosen to close this forum thank-you for the ride it was a blast when it was here. DreamHrt

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 Top 9 Take On The Beatles - 3/20/13

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PostSubject: Top 9 Take On The Beatles - 3/20/13   Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:17 pm

Hi there. Guess you can tell by my opening I was less than thrilled with the theme on Wednesday's show. Jeesh, The Beatles had so many wonderful hits in their early careers however it seems whenever this theme appears we get the same-o songs we have heard year after year. Tonight was no exception except for a couple of songs by this group that I was not familiar with which was no big loss in my book.

After welcoming the judges and Ryan Seacrest we learn that Carly Rae Jepsen will be singing a new song on the finale in May. Coca Cola is sponsoring this because the voting public gets the chance to help choose the lyrics to the new song. If you are interested, check out the AI website.

I was so disappointed when we found out that Aubrey Cleland had the highest votes to go on the American Idol tour. Once again Charlie Askew is ousted. Sure hope this guy gets to record some music as I know I will be getting it.

Now come the actual performances with Jimmy Iovine working with each contestant on their song choices.

Kree Harrison is up first and we learn that she lost both of her parents and was raised by an aunt. Her choice of song is "With A Little Help From My Friends". I liked how she mixed both country and rock into this number. She also showed a lot of range with her vocal. It was good but not great. Keith thought she sounded cool. Nicki applauded her song choice. Randy felt it was a great way to start the show. Mariah called it fantastic and amazing. My grade: B+

We learn that Burnell Taylor and his sister are very close. What really got me is that Burnell had never heard his song choice which was "Let It Be". He also mentions he is not very familiar with any music from The Beatles (what planet is this guy from I wonder). To my ears Burnell sounded very nasally throughout most of the song. I did think the choir was good which backed him. Once again the judges think this kid is great. Keith mentions his tone. Nicki feels he caressed the song like a newborn baby. Randy says his vocal was the mark of a great artist. Mariah liked his heartfelt performance. I personally am scratching my head wondering why they think this guy is so good. My grade: C

Amber Holcomb comes from a huge family and a small country area of Texas. Her song is one I have never heard believe it or not. It is called "She's Leaving Home" and frankly I was not wowed by this performance even though I do like Amber as a singer. Keith feels she made the song sound fresh. Nicki thinks there was no connection with the song. Randy did like the power notes but felt the beginning was slow and unsure. Mariah calls Amber fearless but does mention the detachment during the song. My grade: B

Poor Lazaro Arbos seems to be losing his edge. The main thing we found out about his family is they are loud. His mother did speak in Spanish about how proud she was of Lazaro. His pick for the night is "In My Life". Sadly he sounded off-key throughout the song. Keith talks about using a different key choice. Nicki hits the nail on the head and says Lazaro sounded nervous. Randy is brutal and tells him this was his worst performance ever. Mariah tries to soften the blow by commending Lazaro on his bravery for being on a show like this with his handicap but also says the notes were too low for him. Their critiques have Lazaro in tears (I felt for him but this was awful overall). My grade: D-

Candice Glover is the oldest of seven children and comes from a small town of only 7000 people. She tries to give a bluesy flavor to "Come Together" but overall it was just okay for me. This is one song I am truly sick of hearing. Keith however loved it and calls her a rock chick. Nicki loved the vocal but wants to see more attitude. Randy thinks her voice is great and liked how she brought an up-tempo feel to it. Mariah calls Candice a great prize fighter. My grade: B

Oh no Paul Jolley is singing "Eleanor Rigby" (another song I am sick of). His short clip shows that he and his family actually built the house they live in (looks good). After a bit of a rough start I actually liked the vocal Paul did to this song. His high notes were quite good in my book. Keith liked the pop/rock edge notes in the middle. Nicki hated the performance. Randy felt Paul was dis-connected with the lyrics. Mariah thought it was a good song choice and likes his upper range. My grade: B

Angie Miller talks about what good friends she and her brother are. However her rendition of "Yesterday" was terrible in my book. It was like she was doing vocal gymnastics throughout the song. It was dreary and a little off-key in parts. Keith is the only one who actually sort of referred to the drifting in and out notes. The other judges got it all wrong I think. Nicki calls this unbelievably amazing. Both Randy and Mariah felt she gave a stellar performance. My question is are they pushing for this chick to win? My grade: D

We find out that Devin Velez actually went to military school in his younger years. He is performing the song "The Long and Winding Road" (which I thought would never end frankly). The whole number was just okay and sort of bland in my opinion. Keith feels he needs to connect more with the lyrics. Nicki likes the fact that Devin is committed with whatever song he picks. Randy feels Devin got his swagger back (dumb comment Randy). Mariah calls this so good and she hopes people vote to keep Devin around. My grade: C

Janelle Arthur loves how her town is supporting her. She gives us another song I do not know called "I Will". Frankly I thought this was boring although Janelle can sing. Keith called it beautiful. Nicki praises her great and angelic tone. Randy needs to clean out his ears as he feels this was one of the best performances of the night. Mariah calls it a beautiful and elegant performance. Sorry, can not agree. My grade: B-

Well, there you have my thoughts on this night of very dull performances overall. My bottom three consist of Burnell Taylor, Lazaro Arbos and Angie Miller. I somehow feel however that it will only be guys in the bottom three. My pick to go is Lazaro Arbos who sadly is having real difficulties with these song picks.

Be back later with the results. Take care all!
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PostSubject: Re: Top 9 Take On The Beatles - 3/20/13   Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:32 am

I can honestly say none of them wowed me. All have nice voices but where is the "star" power?
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Top 9 Take On The Beatles - 3/20/13
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