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Due to lack of activity I have chosen to close this forum thank-you for the ride it was a blast when it was here. DreamHrt


 Results - 3/4/13

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PostSubject: Results - 3/4/13   Results - 3/4/13 Icon_minitimeFri Apr 05, 2013 8:58 am

Results - 3/4/13 972389Hi there. Well seems the judges and Jimmy Iovine are in for a shock on this night of results and well deserved I might add. I am getting ahead of myself so let's start with how things went down. Our opening tells us that our top seven rocked the house which is bunk since they really didn't. After welcoming the judges and Ryan, we learn that over 25 million votes were cast. Our guest singers tonight are Carrie Underwood and Casey James.

Results - 3/4/13 945178Our top seven take the stage to perform Queen's "Somebody To Love". I thought it was just okay until the end when Candice Glover really shined in her short solo moment. Honestly, this woman is a powerhouse as a vocalist.

This week Ford Fiesta Mission involved our contestants going to a fashion shoot and trying to clone their idol. They spoke so fast in the clips that I could not get who admired who but did catch the names of Mary J Blige and Dolly Parton.

Results - 3/4/13 833804Here is Jimmy Iovine's thoughts on the performances of the night before:

Burnell Taylor - it was all wrong and he was behind the beat throughout his song
Lazaro Arbos/Angie Miller - he felt this song reminded him of a wedding gone wrong and it was cabaret
Kree Harrison - right song choice and she sang it with dignity
Candice Glover/Burnell Taylor - good song choice but Candice was incredible while Burnell was just so-so
Janelle Arthur - gave a competent performance but felt song was wrong choice
Lazaro Arbos - did a reasonable job but honestly did not like it that much and thinks he is gone tonight
Amber Holcomb/Janelle Arthur/Kree Harrison - wasn't very good
Candice Glover - classic rock song but this was not one of her best performances
Amber Holcomb - seems to be improving every week
Angie Miller - was very pleased with her performance

His top three are Kree, Amber and Angie. As mentioned he thinks Lazaro should be eliminated.

Results - 3/4/13 820770Our first guest performance is season 9's Casey James. He looks kind of thin to me but seems Casey has been doing well since his season. He got a contract in Nashville and released a debut album that was #2 on the Billboard charts. I actually bought the album but frankly I was disappointed with the songs. Tonight, Casey is singing his latest single which is called "The Good Life". To me it was just average I'm sorry to say. I will say I was impressed with Casey for bringing each of our contestants from their hometowns a momento so they would not feel so homesick. Good going Casey!

Results - 3/4/13 322546Before Ryan Seacrest announces who are the top three this week, he has each judge give their top three. They are as follows:

Keith Urban - Kree Harrison, Angie Miller and Amber Holcomb
Nicki Minaj - same line-up as Keith
Randy Jackson - same line-up as Keith
Mariah Carey - Kree Harrison, Amber Holcomb and Candice Glover

Now for the top three vote-getters: Kree Harrison, Angie Miller and (surprise) Lazaro Arbos. I have to add here that as much as the judges and Jimmy want a girl to win, I think they are under-estimating the power of the teen vote. Lazaro may not play a guitar but he is cute and I believe his performance last night was one of the better ones that we saw.

Results - 3/4/13 530611Next up is Carrie Underwood who has had a great career so far. She has sold over 15 million albums, had 17 #1 hits and has won 6 Grammies. They did not mention all the other awards she has garnered but it is a lot. I think her song tonight was called "I Will See You Again". For me it was just okay because I feel she has done better songs in the past. I did not care for her hairdo but otherwise she is still looking good.

Results - 3/4/13 930608We now come to the final results. Next to be safe is Candice Glover followed by Amber Holcomb. This means that Janelle Arthur and Burnell Taylor are the bottom two.

Janelle is safe which means that Burnell has to sing for survival. While he sings "Ready For Love" we see that Candice is crying (she and Burnell are very close). Although the judges give Burnell a standing ovation when he finishes his song, they do not save him. You could tell by Janelle's reaction she was not happy by this news. I, personally am glad Burnell is gone because I never thought he was that good. Side note: I feel the judges will use their save on one of the girls especially Angie Miller. For some reason I feel they want her to win. Anyway the girls should have been relieved to know the save is still there in case one of them end up on the chopping block.

Time to wrap this up so once again I bid you a great week ahead! Be safe, my friends!
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PostSubject: Re: Results - 3/4/13   Results - 3/4/13 Icon_minitimeSat Apr 06, 2013 12:42 am

Results - 3/4/13 584949 .......I didn't get to see who went home. But so glad that it was Burrell. WoooHooo....sorry...but I do not like his voice. I did catch who the top three were and to my surprise Lazaro was one of them. ..... Results - 3/4/13 664500

I still think a girl will win this season. Lazaro is the last man standing. Regardless of the fan base he has I don't think he will make it. However, if he does make to the finale (stranger things have happened)...he will lose to who ever the girl is. I'm looking at Candice or Kree to be the next American Idol.
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Results - 3/4/13
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