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Due to lack of activity I have chosen to close this forum thank-you for the ride it was a blast when it was here. DreamHrt


 Top 6 Take on Two Songs - 4/10/13

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Top 6 Take on Two Songs - 4/10/13 Empty
PostSubject: Top 6 Take on Two Songs - 4/10/13   Top 6 Take on Two Songs - 4/10/13 Icon_minitimeThu Apr 11, 2013 11:39 am

Top 6 Take on Two Songs - 4/10/13 322546Hi there. Our show starts off with many crying including the judges as we see a repeat of Burnell Taylor being eliminated last week. We also see wording that says "Nothing Lasts Forever", "But That Can't Stop You From Trying", "One Dream Has Ended", "But 6 Still Remain", and finally "Who Will Rise As a Top Star?". Well if I had my say on this last quote only one comes to mind. I will cover that thought later in this post.

Now comes the welcoming of the judges (that dress that Nicki Minaj is wearing is not very flattering I think). As we also welcome Ryan Seacrest and our top six, I see that Anthony Hopkins is in the audience.

Seems our contestants will be singing two songs tonight: The first is the music of Burt Bacharach and Hal David, the second is a song that each of our contestants wish they had wrote. So without further adieu, let's get started.

Top 6 Take on Two Songs - 4/10/13 396952Angie Miller is in the death spot tonight. She opts to sing "Anyone Who Had A Heart". For me it was just okay because while her singing was good, she just lacked the passion and emotion this song needs. Funny, that Keith Urban basically said the same thing. Nicki called it too old-fashioned. Randy agrees somewhat and tells Angie she needs to digest each song like she wrote it. Mariah Carey who is so wordy tonight feels her vocal ability is perfect but she is missing the connection. My grade: B-

Angie's second song faired better with her seated at the piano and doing an artist I never heard of. The artist is Kari Jobe and the song is "Love Came Down". While the judges all raved about this one I personally thought it was just okay overall. Keith and Randy reward Angie with a standing ovation. My grade: B

Side note: We hear a little bit more about each contestant that we did not know. Angie makes crazy videos with her friends and loves hardcore music.

Top 6 Take on Two Songs - 4/10/13 945178Once again I am not agreeing with the judges as Amber Holcomb takes the stage to perform "Say A Little Prayer" made famous by Dionne Warwick. I thought Amber had some sharp notes during the song plus I am not feeling the connection that should be there while she sang. Keith however feels like she was like a summer breeze. Nicki is bowing down and calling her unbelievable. Randy loves the arrangement, confidence and outfit that Amber wears. Mariah liked the transmission she did in the lyrics. My grade: B-

I was not overly impressed with Amber's second number as well. She sings Beyoncé's "Love On Top". While her stage presence and singing was fairly good, I honestly could not understand the words she was singing. The judges are once again giving raves with Keith feeling it was a great song choice and beautiful. Nicki feels she has arrived as a true artist. Randy basically says "yes, yes, yes". Mariah is happy with the performance and feels Amber really enjoyed herself. My grade: B-

Side note: Amber lets us in on the fact that she loves eating shrimp right out of the freezer. Yuck!

Top 6 Take on Two Songs - 4/10/13 412302Lazaro Arbos is not having a good night. His first song is "Close To You" which was a hit for The Carpenters. Right away I could tell he was singing too much in his lower register. This cause some off-notes to emerge. Keith Urban also mentions how the key was too low. Randy flat out calls it horrible. Mariah really babbles on and on about how he should have been in a different key. Her comment is so long Nicki opts to not comment. My grade: D

Lazaro does a little better with his second song which is Robbie Williams "Angel". However once again he does not do well in the beginning due to his lower register. The second half of the song sounds much better when he hits the chorus. Keith loves elements in Lazaro's voice but does mention this was not strong enough to beat any of the girls in the competition. Nicki basically agrees. Randy calls this slightly better but is not overly impressed. Mariah tries to be nice and said this was a better range for him. My grade: C

Side Note: Lazaro loves to hunt and ride four-wheelers.

Top 6 Take on Two Songs - 4/10/13 88275Kree Harrison is up next and is singing "What The World Needs Now" which was a hit for Jackie DeShannon. I thought her opening note sounded rough but the rest of the song was good but boring in my opinion. However the judges are once again impressed. Keith loves her compassion when she sings. Nicki says she is sweet and humble. Randy basically agrees. Mariah loved the arrangement and feels Kree does not imitate when she sings. My grade: B

Kree's second song is "Help Me Make It Through The Night" which was written by Kris Kristopherson. It sounded pretty to my ears but I was not as wowed as the judges were. Keith thinks she is on her way to The Grand Old Opry as her voice is beautiful and pure. Nicki gets fully involved when Kree sings. Randy says kudos and feels she is a natural singer. Mariah says that is how the song should be sung. My grade: B+

Side note: Kree loves to go to rodeos.

:lol!:Janelle Arthur is singing "I'll Never Fall In Love Again". The vocal was just okay and a bit boring but the thing that really got me was she was just too happy during this song. I mean after all this song is about having a broken heart. Keith basically thought it was good. Nicki does call it boring. Randy also felt it was sort of lackluster. Mariah feels it was the wrong song and just okay. My grade: B-

Janelle seems more in control as she performs the Garth Brook hit "The Dance". I liked it but again I am not wowed. Keith thought it would have come off better is she had been playing her guitar. Nicki calls it a sweet song and a lot better than her first one. Randy feels she did a good job. Mariah loved the first verse and the chorus parts of the song. My grade: B

Side note: When Janelle was in 8th grade she was in a play playing a boy part.

Top 6 Take on Two Songs - 4/10/13 664500Candice Glover basically saves the night in my opinion. She gives her own version to the song "Don't Make Me Over" and sounds great. Her high note actually gave me chills. She gets a standing ovation from the judges before the comments. Keith feels she sets the bar so high. Nicki calls the performance exquisite. Randy loves the emotion Candice gives and calls it the best vocal of the night. Mariah 100% agrees with Randy. My grade: A

I did not think Candice could top her first performance but she does with the song "Lovesong" originally by The Cure. The emotion she displays is downright mind-boggling. The judges and the audience are on their feet and cheer so much this brings tears to Candice. Randy is the only one who speaks and thinks this is the best vocal they have ever heard in the 12 years the show has been on (I won't go that far but she was quite good). My grade: A+

Side Note: Candice does a different dialect that most people do not understand.

Top 6 Take on Two Songs - 4/10/13 201170So our six have performed and frankly I sincerely hope Lazaro goes home. However his fans may upset the competition and with that in mind the judges may have to use their save card for one of the girls who I think might be either Amber or Janelle.

Guest singers on the results show will be Kelly Clarkson and Scotty McCreery. Time to go so have a great day everyone. I appreciate any comments you wish to make. Toodles!
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PostSubject: Re: Top 6 Take on Two Songs - 4/10/13   Top 6 Take on Two Songs - 4/10/13 Icon_minitimeFri Apr 12, 2013 12:09 am

My pick for the finale: Kree and Candice. In my opinion they have the strongest voices. If Kree can show a little more stage presence she will out shine everyone. And Candice? What can I say? This girl can sing. WOW!
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Top 6 Take on Two Songs - 4/10/13
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