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 Results - 4/25/13

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PostSubject: Results - 4/25/13   Results - 4/25/13 Icon_minitimeFri Apr 26, 2013 11:07 am

Results - 4/25/13 833804Hello. Tonight's show mainly had filler moments to make up this hour I think. Last week was covered quite a bit with the elimination of Janelle Arthur. Following the departure was the week the four remaining girls had with interviews, rehearsing for this week, photo shoots and the visit they did at the Los Angeles Children's Hospital. Seems they gave a mini concert to several of the patients and their families. It was cute how some of the patients joined in for some of the songs.

Our four girls then take the stage to sing Alicia Keys's "Girl On Fire". Angie Miller is playing the piano for the beginning of the number. I thought the harmonies of these four sounded quite good. Sadly towards the end of the song it fell apart with each of the girls sort of flubbing their parts.

The Ford Fiesta mission this week was basically trying to track down Ryan Seacrest. He told each girl to meet him at a certain place via cell. When they showed up they had to carry on the event by themselves since Ryan was nowhere to be found. At the end of the clip the girls are brought together with four Ryans. Isn't technology amazing?

Another filler moment as each girl needs to tell people five things about themselves that the audience doesn't know in a short amount of seconds. This proved to be kind of tough for the girls with the exception of Amber who managed to squeak out 6 revelations. Now aren't you glad you know more about these girls?

Results - 4/25/13 322546Before we get to the results, let me cover the guest singers. I am glad that American Idol is bringing back past idols to showcase some of their music. Up first is Stefano Langone from season 10. He was eliminated in 7th place. He stayed in California and eventually signed with Hollywood Records. His album release of "What I Am" is supposed to be released in May of 2013. Tonight he performed his first single from the album entitled "Yes To Love". I do think Stefano has a nice voice but overall the song was just okay for me. The judges however give him a standing ovation.

Our next guest singer is season 9's winner Lee DeWyze. Lee has been a busy guy in spite of his prior albums not doing so well on the charts. He has made numerous appearances at different venues and in July, 2012 got married to Jonna Walsh who he says is his biggest supporter. He also won an award at the Teen Choice Awards show in 2010 for Best Male Reality/Variety Star. He is currently working on a new album and doing an acoustic tour. Tonight his song is "Silver Linings". I sort of liked it and frankly it sounded almost like a tribute to his wife. He may have a chance with this one.

Results - 4/25/13 930608Now for the results....

Each girl is brought up for a re-cap and a comment from Jimmy Iovine. His take:

Amber Holcomb - She did a great job on her first number but the second one was all wrong and he thinks she might be in trouble.

Kree Harrison - She really needed to redeem herself this week but felt she did not with either of her song choices.

Candice Glover - She has a big voice and need to protect it whenever possible. He does feel however she played it safe this week. Then we hear more nonsense of the night before with Jimmy thinking Nicki Minaj has a crush on him. Oh brother! One last highlight though for Candice is Drake makes an appearance to thank her for singing his song. She is overwhelmed with glee seeing one of her idols.

Angie Miller - Jimmy feels she won the night and that both of her songs were winners. Jessie J sends a message via phone thanking Angie for singing her song.

Now the girls are divided up into two groups. I am dumbfounded that Candice and Amber are considered the bottom 2 this week. Angie and Kree take the top two spots. However a reprieve is in sight. Seems since the judges failed to use the save card, American Idol has an extra week to fill. This means that both Candice and Amber are safe. The bad news however is next week they will combine the 38 million votes with the votes after the Wednesday show to see who will be eliminated. You can bet your life I am going to be voting big time for Candice.

Results - 4/25/13 530611So another week has come and gone. I believe the theme next week will consist of songs "Then and Now". I look forward to hopefully seeing some good performances. I welcome your comments as usual and I must now bring this post to an end.

Take care all! Results - 4/25/13 1655439243
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Results - 4/25/13
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