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 Down To Three - Results - 5/2/13

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PostSubject: Down To Three - Results - 5/2/13   Down To Three - Results - 5/2/13 Icon_minitimeFri May 03, 2013 11:58 am

Down To Three - Results - 5/2/13 42519To another elimination night on American Idol. Our show tonight starts by saying the tradition continues as we see clips of past idol home visits. We also get comments from our top four girls on how much this would mean to them but sadly one will not get to fulfill that dream.

I noticed tonight that Ryan Seacrest gets more applause then when the judges are introduced. Of course most people know that Ryan is a real asset to make the contestants feel good even when the judges give them bad comments. Remembering how kind he was to Charlie Askew and Lazaro Arbos when they were eliminated. I have met Ryan in person and he is definitely one nice caring guy.

Once the welcome part is over our top four girls do a really good job singing the Beyoncé song "Crazy In Love" which is from the movie soundtrack of "The Great Gatsby" which comes out on May 10th (my birthday I might add).

Following this performance is the Ford Fiesta Mission. Artist Tristan Eason helps our four girls do new designs on two Ford Fiestas. Personally I thought the end product looked gross with so much on the cars.

Down To Three - Results - 5/2/13 530611Now comes the moments where Jimmy Iovine gives his take on the girls performances of the night before. Of course we see repeat scenes of what the judges thought. Here is Jimmy's take:

Angie Miller - He felt she had the opportunity to really shine this week with her song choices however he felt the first song was the wrong choice and she was not that good. He also felt she wasn't great on her second number as well.

Amber Holcomb - Jimmy thought she was very karaoke on her first song but does feel she was great with the second one.

Candice Glover - He thought she was magnificent on both of her songs and definitely won the night.

Kree Harrison - While he feels Kree can sing she has not lived up to her full potential in the past two weeks and he thinks she might be in danger of being eliminated.

Down To Three - Results - 5/2/13 820770Before I get to the results, let me cover the guest artists we saw. First up is David Cook, the winner of season 7. He spoke of many ways American Idol has helped his career which included a platinum selling debut album. He also released a second album called "This Loud Morning" (sadly this one did not go over as well, my opinion only). In 2009 he became quite involved with the Brain Cancer Society (his brother died from this). He then performs his latest single called "Laying Me Low". I simply loved it and can not wait to buy it. After his performance he informed Ryan that he has moved to Nashville, Tennessee, bought a house and has three dogs. Sure hope this guy releases another full album soon.

Our next performance is also from the soundtrack of The Great Gatsby. performs "Bang, Bang" which is also on his solo debut album. I find this to be quite entertaining even though is not a full-fledged singer.

Last to perform is Harry Connick Jr. and I must say I was disappointed. Usually his voice sounds so pleasing to the ear but on this song "Every Man Should Know" he was not very good. I doubt the young crowd will be interested in getting his new album which comes out June 11th. However I do love his personality and I just read that he is in talks to be a possible judge next season. That would truly be great in my opinion.

One other moment of tonight's show involved what they called a "throwback moment". This involved Constantine Maroulis of season 4 and all the success he has had since his idol days. He did release a debut album after the show ended (sales were not great but I liked it). He also was on Broadway and on the road in the musical "Rock of Ages" for a couple of years and is now back on Broadway in the play "Jekyll & Hyde". He received a Tony nomination for his first play. One other note that was not mentioned is his name has been added to the many stars on the wall in the famous Sardi's restaurant in New York.

Down To Three - Results - 5/2/13 451785/Down To Three - Results - 5/2/13 412302Before the results are announced Nicki Minaj gives words of encouragement to the four girls. For once Nicki sounded heartfelt and sincere, it was a good speech I think.

First to safety and getting the hometown visit is Angie Miller. Personally I was not happy she made it. Next to safety is Candice Glover (yippee) and finally the last one to safety is Kree Harrison. Remember the votes were combined from last week and this week. Seems over 81 million votes were cast.

I was sorry to see Amber Holcomb had to be eliminated and the tears were flowing as she watched her journey. She performs a final song which is Whitney Houston's "I Believe In You and Me". She could barely sing it especially when Ryan brought her father on stage (it was a very emotional scene). I understand she really had to pull herself together for the after the show news conference. I personally thought she looked very hurt by being voted off.

So now we are down to three and next week will probably be showing us not only the singing competition part but the home visits as well. I am so glad my Candice Glover is in the mix and plan to vote my fingers off again for her to make the top two as I strongly believe she is the one who deserves it the most.

I must now say adieu and hope your May is going well. Take care all!

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PostSubject: Re: Down To Three - Results - 5/2/13   Down To Three - Results - 5/2/13 Icon_minitimeSun May 05, 2013 12:27 pm

Awwwww....really??? Amber went home? Dammit! Well, I am still rooting for Candice so I still may pick a winner again this season. LOL
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Down To Three - Results - 5/2/13
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