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 TTW - Our 'Totally Taylor Weekend' (Bloomsburg Recap)

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TTW - Our 'Totally Taylor Weekend' (Bloomsburg Recap) Empty
PostSubject: TTW - Our 'Totally Taylor Weekend' (Bloomsburg Recap)   TTW - Our 'Totally Taylor Weekend' (Bloomsburg Recap) Icon_minitimeFri Oct 05, 2007 8:10 pm

TTW - Our 'Totally Taylor Weekend' (Bloomsburg Recap)
This is Chelena's aka Nuchik's recap. I was given this permission.
Jodie - feel free to take this to your site for posting! BUT ONLY JODIE...I really don't want my pics or videos anywhere else, thanx for respecting my wishes!

Please! This story must stay here. If this post goes any further without Chelens'a permission. I will have your account here suspended! There are reasons behind my decision Please just respect them...

I started my journey to TTW from far, far away. Now that I no longer live in NY it's not so easy to get up to E. Hartford CT to meet my Leggie gals but an 11 hour Amtrak ride (which was great, except I hurt my back trying to sleep).

So we meet up in Newark, NJ and head out to Bloomsburg, PA - another 2.5 hours drive. I met Chris (Dawggie's) beautiful niece Lee - she's insane! Such a funny girl and such a brave one as well (she was the fiance of the nephew Dawggie just lost about a month ago).

Here's a pic of the two of us in our 'gansta' poses - we were supposed to be doing something with our fingers - the 'West Coast' pose like Snoop Dogg or whomever - lol:
TTW - Our 'Totally Taylor Weekend' (Bloomsburg Recap) Leggies3

So we get there just in time to catch the band coming out onstage.

Of course The Leggies had to make a stink with security - they were the NASTIEST security I've ever encountered at a Tay concert. I mean this little woman got all up in Dawggie's face because Dawggie was trying to get the crowd to get with Tay and the Band, and this drill sargeant security lady in bumble bee yellow comes over and points her finger in Dawggie's face and starts screaming 'you need to take your seat! You can't stand!' and blah blah blah. Then she comes over to me and yells, "Excuse me but you can't stand, you're in the front!' - so I look at her and say 'Uh...yeah, that was the purpose of buying front-row seats, so we could STAND and enjoy the show!'

Mind you now, when the band walked out onstage and saw the audience in their seats, you could literally see their faces fall. Loren got this 'Oh for crap's sake' look as he walked over to the keyboards... I felt so bad for them. 'Cause I guess they know if they're sitting when they come out, they're not getting up for the duration of the show - and who wants to perform to a crowd sitting on their butts?

Well by now, after this heifer yelled at Dawggie AND me, I decided to try to do something about it. So I stormed off to find someone who had some pull...who did I run to? STEVE, the Merch Guy. I explained to him what happened and how security was so mean and whatnot...well he flipped open his cell phone to call BillWill and said, 'Give me a little time, I'll make it happen'. Then he took my cell # so he could let me know what was up.

So I happily skipped back to my seat hoping something would change. A few minutes later my phone vibrates and Steve's texted me. It read 'Give it 3 minutes, then get up and dance'. Right then I saw one of the security team going to all the security sitting at the front of the stage and whisper in their ears - strange looks exchanged and all - but I had no idea what was going on. So the next song was something - ah yeah, 'MEDICATED GOO' - and I was NOT going to sit on that (my fav cover!) So I jumped up, waiting for those Nazi security guards to say something... AND THEY SAID NOTHING!! I was thinking 'Wow! Steve works FAST!!!' So then we turned and told others (a few who were also told to sit) to stand up again - and then people started to party. You should've seen the look on Loren's face once he saw the pack of Leggies to the left of the stage jamming and boogying down! I believe Taylor saw Dawggie and me doing the bump and just laughed...we always make a scene!

Show goes on - Josh shreds his guitar (and one of his fingernails) , Boogie was fantastic, Loren incredible, Felix unbelievable, Gallagher great, and Taylor - well, come on...what do you think? lol

When it came time for 'Just To Feel That Way' all the Leggies lit their lighters and held them up. Taylor looked over and smiled - guess he's used to it by now! Of course all of our fingers started to burn because we were fighting against the night breeze! lol

The show was fantastic, not long enough (never is) but then they encored with 'Long Way Home' - here's the video, I was trying to embed it but don't know how! It was pretty dark out there, plus it was raining, so I don't have any fantastic pics of the show. lol

http://s113. photobucket. com/albums/ n237/nuChik/ ?action=view&current=BburgEncore -LongWayHome. flv

Afterwards we all went back over to Stephen to thank him for being so cool and getting us what we wanted! Then we presented him with his calendar and he loved it! Here he is with it (and a wad of $$):
TTW - Our 'Totally Taylor Weekend' (Bloomsburg Recap) Leggie-stevewcalendar

This is us after the Bloomsburg concert - we were just hanging around at the fair, which was pretty cool:
TTW - Our 'Totally Taylor Weekend' (Bloomsburg Recap) Leggies2

Next...on to The BIG E!

TTW - Our 'Totally Taylor Weekend' (Bloomsburg Recap) Siggy2-1
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TTW - Our 'Totally Taylor Weekend' (Bloomsburg Recap)
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