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Due to lack of activity I have chosen to close this forum thank-you for the ride it was a blast when it was here. DreamHrt


 Chelena Blount March 20, 1967 – November 18, 2009

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Chelena Blount March 20, 1967 – November 18, 2009 Empty
PostSubject: Chelena Blount March 20, 1967 – November 18, 2009   Chelena Blount March 20, 1967 – November 18, 2009 Icon_minitimeSun Oct 30, 2011 8:41 pm

This was her obituary-Chelena Blount
3/20/1967 - 11/17/2009
Gone is the face we loved so dear, silent is the voice we loved to hear, Too far away for sight or speech, but not too far for thought to reach. Sweet to remember her who once was here and now, though absent, is just as dear.

Loving and kind in all her ways, upright and just to the end of her days, Sincere and true in her heart and mind, beautiful memories she left behind. She was too pure for this cold earth, and much too beautiful to stay. So God's holy angel came and carried our darling Chelena away.

Up above where angels dwell, where there is no night or pain, One day we shall all be reunited, happiness shall reign again. You are not forgotten dear baby sister, nor ever shall you be, As long as life and memory last, we shall remember thee.

Lovingly submitted by the family.
Published in Charlotte Observer on November 17, 2010


Some knew her as HicksHershey’sKiss/ NuChik. Those of us, myself included knew as a very loving and caring friend. Although Chelena and I did not know each other as well as I wish we had now. What I did get to know of her was truly a blessing.   For Taylor Hicks fans, this picture has and will always have one of the fondness memories we can hold close. For it was this sign that allowed Chelena to live
one of her dreams as  a Taylor fan. In case you might be lost. See for yourself above. For it was this sign that caught Taylor's eye at one of his concert's. Then like Taylor always does. He did something that shocked us all
This is our tribute to a wonderful, lady, devoted Leggie and good friend. I asked my dear friend to write somthing about Chelena for this forum. This is what she wrote-
As so many have said, it’s not the beginning date or the end date, but that little dash in between that’s important. When I think of Chelena, I happen to agree. Chelena was born in the heart of New York City, but you would never know it to talk to her. She was always so laid back, so relaxed…She once told me that she should’ve been born down here in the Dirty South with me! I wish so much that I knew her better. The core Leggies did, and as I was not core, and I geographically was so far distant and economically so different…but that really didn’t matter to Chelena. She looked at you, took your measure, offered you a rope to pull yourself up, and her faith to guide you through. Make no mistake, that faith got her through an awful lot, too. Do I know all of it? Nope, not even half of it, actually. I know she dealt with her father’s loss. I know she survived 9/11, emerging from the underground subway into what must have seemed like an apocalyptic hell. I know she packed herself and two sisters up and moved to North Carolina, away from all she’d ever known and ways she’d only experienced to something new and scary.I know she wasn’t afraid to travel and make herself known to people she admired, like Tay and Elliott. She was a woman of conviction, fighting against injustice with her own indomitable spirit and principles she stuck to which could have cost her – and probably did along the way – people to love in her life. She never let it get to her, though. The people who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter. She had several instances where she could have been cold or wicked…but she didn’t. I’m not saying she was a saint. She was a Leggie, after all, and there are no sainted Legs, but she was definitely the closest thing to it. She was funny, and warm, and generous, and inspiring…and…and I really miss my friend, my sister,…the lady who makes me be a better person just by touching my heart 5 years ago or so, and teaching me more about the woman I want to be and the woman I can and should be too. I miss her every day. Love Tyggy

Chelena Blount March 20, 1967 – November 18, 2009 Siggy2-1
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Chelena Blount March 20, 1967 – November 18, 2009
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